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Chevron Card by Paperless Post

There are so many people who are dear to my heart around Valentine’s Day and I would love to send a card to all of them. However, with a hectic schedule I haven’t had the time to buy and send all the cards that I would want to. This changed when I recently discovered an online invitation and stationary site called Paperless Post . This site merges the best of what a handmade card has to offer in sentimental value with the convenience our online generation has come to expect. The cards on Paperless Post are gorgeous and entail a lot of letterpress design which I happen to be a little obsessed with. If only I knew this site existed around the time of my birthday online invites!

They have cards that range from both free and premium, not only just for Valentine’s Day, but for any occasion. For me, this is  a great option because I can sometimes procrastinate when I need to send a card out and this way their eCards are just as personal as a handmade one. The designs are clean, modern, fun and Paperless Post has something for everyone. You are able to customize everything about the card from the envelope lining to the font to ensure the card you are giving is unique. I can’t show you exactly which ones I picked to send for Valentine’s since I don’t want my friends knowing, but I can show you my favorites!

Paperless Post’s Free Valentine’s line:

And the Full Valentine’s line can be seen here:

Je T'adore

Eye Chart

Hugs and Kisses

Modern Love


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