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Being an admire of all things paper, its only natural that I am a type enthusiast as well. To sum typography up in the easiest way, it is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language most appealing. You may love inspirational prints with quotes, but it is not necessarily the quote that makes the print appeal to you but rather how the artist arranged and designed the type. I have so many favorite typographers and it’s hard not to share one at a time but I wanted to introduce you to the many artists I have come to respect.

Out of the Blue 2

Xavier Casalta, a graphic designer in France who uses a stippling technique to produce beautifully detailed lettering and illustrations.

Out of the Blue

Joshua Harris also known as The A Board Dude, an extremely talented graphic designer I first started following on Instagram for his merging of smart humor and design on numerous business boards.

Feel GoodDo GoodCreativityG Unit

Nicole Arnett Phillips of Typograph.her is an all around awesome designer with her background coming from editorial and book design.

out of sorts

For me, this year has been about renewal of creativity! With my day job, writing my book, this blog, and the other everyday craziness, it has been very busy thus far! With that said, I have been becoming very aware of my surroundings and what brings me inspiration. With what does not attribute to inspiration or in other words, positivity, I have been slowly but surely getting rid of. I think sometimes aesthetics definitely attribute to your well being. When you surround yourself around the things and people you love, you will inevitably feel uplifted. I know, I know, I just sounded very self-help like, but it’s true!

I have recently started planning my personal work space to be more of who I am and include things that only help to inspire me. As much as I have been hoarding letterpress pieces and other fun pieces like a marionette my boyfriend surprised me with (I will be posting on it shortly!), I have really been interested in a few inspirational quote prints. When I say inspirational prints, I am not discussing the huge pictures in stark, cold, and rigid offices that say, “SUCCESS” or “ACTION”. I really hate those! I am describing beautiful prints that I would want anyways, but with quotes that I could really relate with and still don’t take away from the image itself.


I own the Let Go print but I just love the one below (hint, hint anyone?). I’m attracted to the colors and whimsical elements of her pieces.

inspirational prints

Parada Creations-Let Go

Parada Creations

Parada Creations-Life is a Beautiful Ride


What can you say, they keep it simple and to the point :) Lame pun?




I like the typography used and the worn turquoise background.


Nick Agin

Nick Agin




Raw Art Letterpress

I have discussed this studio previously with their postcards. I love the saying, “Let yourself be wrong”. Just showing you to overlook your fear and try your passion.

Raw Art Letterpress

The Big Harumph

I like the humor in their pieces.

The Big Harumph

The Big Harumph-Failure and its Medicine

The Big Harumph

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