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What a whirlwind (and all we did was walk the show)! The National Stationery Show (NSS) was four days of inspiration in one of the world’s best cities, the Big Apple. NSS is a trade show for stationery buyers, an opportunity for designers to showcase their new paper products. NSS was a visual feast, with designers from across the US, Canada and internationally featuring their stationery lines and related products. There are so many great moments to share, which are impossible to encapsulate in just one post, so stay tuned for more!


For the last few years, Ink Meets Paper creates a new design for their Text Less, Write More postcard. A piece of letterpress art, this postcard is my mantra. I love this year’s design (possibly too much to send out).

Steam Whistle Letterpress is simply the cat’s pajamas. Designer and printer Brian Stuparyk uses vintage type and images in his designs, which he describes as a throwback to the days when letterpress was king. He wins for most inventive business card, which actually folds up into a whistle (and it works!).


Before getting married, my husband and I were in a long distance relationship (or LDR as the kids call it). Sometimes, we went months without seeing each other (cue violins) and it was tough on us. Tiffany, the fab and talented maker behind Shifting Status Kuo, has designed a line of cards that is perfect for couples in different area codes.

Amy Heitman is sweet as pie, and her designs are gorgeous. An artist and illustrator, Amy creates beautiful prints, cards and wrap with thoughtful sentiments. I adore her florals and use of color.


August Paper Co.‘s Marissa created a seriously cool tissue paper collage backdrop for her booth at the show. She starts each card with a tissue paper collage, which is photographed and printed, and then uses a letterpress to add sentiments to each design.

August Paper

More posts to come, as well as some interviews with the designers we met!



I often think that if I could decorate with my life with Rifle Paper Co., I would. Wallpaper, recipe card boxes, phone cases, stationery of all kinds – you name it, it would bring me joy. Fortunately, Rifle has been busy collaborating with other fab companies like Paper Crown and Le Sportsac, enabling floral lovers like me to bedeck ourselves in Rifle.

The Le Sportsac collaboration features a series of cosmetics bags, smaller handbags, totes and weekenders in florals and sweet travel-themed prints. This bag is one of my faves.


The Paper Crown collection is simply gorgeous with stationery and clothing. The Spanish Rose print is striking while the Peach Blossom Crepe is a subtler palette (though equally pretty).


I’m looking so forward to the fact that Rifle has designed planners for 2016 – they look absolutely gorgeous. The 2016 calendars feature tea and coffee and Alice in Wonderland; images that will no doubt be frame worthy.





Rifle stationery is always beautiful, with stylish cards for ever occasion. This set of four features bold colours and designer Anna Bond’s signature look.



Loving the Paper Crown x Rifle Paper Co. collaboration – super sweet styles in gorgeous Rifle floral patterns – the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe. The dresses are to-die-for pretty.


 Marc Jacobs lipstick, because red lips are always classic.


Thurston Post gift wrapping kits, so that your presents look as lovely as you do!


 Kindah Khalidy everything, but specifically this clutch.


Andrea, my favorite guest blogger is back to contribute to our Holiday Card Series. Andrea loves paper and all things stationary related. A committed letter writer, she is sending a letter each day this year. Take it away Andrea!

I’m one of those who people who loves the holiday season. Lights, wrapping presents and chocolate mint everywhere. What’s not to love? It means spending time with friends and family, baking, and sending cards. Sending mail is one of my favourite pastimes – and the holidays give me license to shop for great stationery and send love via snail mail. Choosing holiday cards is such fun!

I pretty much love everything about Mr. Boddington – the fonts, designs and colour palettes.

Mr Boddington Pick a Good One

Mr. Boddington's Happy Everything

These Posy Paper Co. cards are so lovely – gorgeous lettering and patterns. Committed to being green, these cards are printed on recycled paper, with soy-based inks.

These hand-illustrated cards by Print Stitch & Paste are in more traditional colour palettes and some are available to be customized.

Print Stitch and Paste Christmas CardPrint Stitch and Paste

Speaking of customization, I yearn for a day when I am able to afford these gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. holiday cards.



Rifle’s holiday collection is simply gorgeous and there are motifs to satisfy all tastes, from contemporary and classic to more traditional and floral.



These Kate & Birdie cards offer more muted palettes, with pretty script. I picked up a box of these Peace on Earth cards. I’m getting pretty excited to send these (and all of the others I picked up) out!

Kate & Birdie Peace On Earth Card

Continue to follow Andrea’s 365 days of letter writing challenge and her beautiful finds on:


Rifle Paper Co.-Assorted Birthday Set-Love the Happy Birthday Balloons one!

I have a lot of birthdays coming up this month (8 to be exact!) and I always hate that I wait until last minute to purchase birthday cards. I am also pretty sure I am not the only one who knows what it is like to go into Walgreens to buy a card for an occasion and they are all out, so you pick whatever is there. Am I right??? This time I have planned ahead and have found some lovely handmade cards from amazing artists that will be perfect for all the loves in my life. I think sometimes we assume handmade cards are more expensive than store bought cards, but this is not the case whatsoever. (more…)