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The “Creative Space” — one of the most essential parts to one’s creative process. It could be anywhere that brings you your best ideas. Whether it’s a traditional desk/office area, a coffee shop, library, subway, or even washing your hair in the shower. For me, it is my desk area because I dedicate that space to productive time. I don’t dilly-dally while there. I must admit the real ideas don’t come in a perfectly organized space, they come at all times during the day. Especially in the most chaotic settings. That’s life though. Messy. But when it comes time to organize these wonderful ideas, I like to do so in a clean, organized and dedicated space. I keep my walls bare (also because I rent my walls) and I only leave a few items out in view, such as my favorite cards I’ve received or ones I’ve yet to write to write about. And my computer, where all my inspiration is stored and where all things can become possible.View More: http://angiemyers.pass.us/8baloonsView More: http://angiemyers.pass.us/8baloonsView More: http://angiemyers.pass.us/8baloons


I will be moving in a week and although the process can be daunting, the idea of a new creative space is exciting! I may not have the budget for the below but they all add to my well of inspiration. First task to accomplish: the perfect desk.

{first image Jeremiah Collection}

desk3{via Leo+Leopold}

desk4{via Workmans Palette}

desk5{via Stylizimo}




I believe  your working space should always add inspiration to everything you are creating rather than take away from it. Whether you are in school, writing, blogging, grading papers, or paying bills, your creative space should be a little oasis for you. To create this little oasis, I feel organization is key so that your thoughts are always clear and ideas can come easier. The space should also showcase your personality by adding colorful prints and pieces you have collected throughout the years that are dear to your heart. Below are some of my favorite creative spaces I aspire to create for my special place.

{first image} via apartment therapy

via Thriving Twenties

via Olof Jakobina

via TheDesignerPad

via apartment therapy


via Plush Palate

cozy and modern work space (via Marketplace)

One of my favorite little pastimes  is scouring design sites and magazines for the perfect creative spaces in the home. I have yet to post pictures of my own creative space because, well… it’s just not done yet. I have my desk and chair, but the details have not come across as soon as I would have wanted. I am always trying to find the perfect look for placing prints on the walls and also great pieces to add detail to my desk area. These are just a few of my favorite finds lately on my Creative Spaces and Places board on Pinterest. Come follow me here to see more!

Do you have a great creative space that inspires you? Please send it my way! (more…)