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pantone card

These past few months I have been traveling a little more than usual and I have met some wonderful people along the way. Many of these folks have been involved with letterpress or fun shops that I would love to share in the future and during my conversations, most of them have all asked if I had a business card to share—and dreadfully, I’ve had to answer no. Designing business cards has been something that I have had on my to-do list for quite awhile now, and I have recently found the perfect person to execute this! I cannot wait to share what my mystery business card guru creates with me, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out. In the meantime, here are a few creative letterpress business cards for inspiration.

first image via via Lovely Stationary by James Prunean

ombre card

via Fabien Barral

bus card

via Design Work Life by Moglea

foil bus card

via CardObserver by Look and Do It



I have never been much of a “traditional” Valentine’s Day enthusiast. My favorite parts of the “holiday” have always been the candy hearts and playful cards, which I may or may not receive, depending on how I netted out that year. Remember elementary school Valentine’s Day parties when the kids would drop cute cards in our cubbies? Each year, there was a guarantee that we would receive a card—my how things have changed! I don’t believe you have to spend much on this day for your loved ones but of course, I believe in sending a thoughtful card. You know me, any reason I can give a beautiful card, I will! Here are my favorite Valentine’s Day picks to start fostering some love in the air—more to come throughout the month.

first image via Ink Meets Paper

Drunk Vday

via McBitterson’s


via Hartland Brooklyn


via Vandalia Street Press


via PalettesCO


Nothing stirs my holiday cheer each year more than picking my favorite letterpress holiday cards to share with the most important people in my life. At this point, it’s almost expected that they’ll receive a beautiful card which, of course, puts no pressure whatsoever on me (wink). Although finding that perfect holiday gift can sometimes be painstaking and difficult on budgets, personalizing something special to share with those you love is important.

That’s why I love sending a unique, beautiful card that serves as a gift in itself! Here are some of my picks from my favorite shops that I have personally bought from for my family and friends. Ssshhh don’t tell. Just like Santa, I know whether you’ve been naughty or nice.

Spofford Press

I first found Eric Hoffman and his shop via Instagram—and I’m so glad I did because his talent is only surpassed by his passion for letterpress. For those of you now in the know, my favorite pick is the Christmas Lights Card above.


via Spofford Press

Cherry Laurel Studio

My mom’s favorite holiday movie is A Christmas Story, so I had to buy this card by  Cherry Laurel Studio.


I adore this card by DeLuce Design and can’t wait to give it to my friend’s little ones.


A very cute card for my little cousins by Fat Bunny Press.


For the foodies in your life by Echo Letterpress


Looking forward to giving this card by McBittersons Shop to all my guy friends. They all loved it last year.

Hartland Brooklyn

My girlfriends loved this dainty card I gave out last year by  Hartland Brooklyn.










In case you can’t tell by now, Fall is my favorite season and it has finally arrived, along with all of the accompanying holiday fun! This is the time of year when I start sharing and collecting seasonal cards including not only Christmas and Hanukkah, but also Halloween! To me, Halloween represents fun, creative and crafty inspirations, and cards are a great way of continuing that tradition. Here are a few of my favorites and remember, it’s not too late to buy and share with your friends!

{first image via Black Heart Letterpress}

Trickr Treat
Halloween cards
zombie 2
Trick or Treat
Franken Card

Happy Fall everyone! Fall has always been my favorite time of year especially with so many fun things in the mix to write about. There are many exciting projects and plans coming up in the next few months for me, including a quick trip to San Francisco in October for a little work and play. While vacationing, most people will find the tourist attractions a must see, but for me, I always look up the best stationary and letterpress studios in the area. I am making a list of the must see letterpress studios, and Hello Lucky Press is on the top of my list. Hello Lucky Press was founded in 2003 by sisters Eunice and Sabrina Moyle as a specialty letterpress printer and design studio creating wedding invitations, greeting cards and personalized stationary. They now have offices in San Francisco and London with clients ranging from Anthropologie, Kate’s Paperie, and Liberty of London.

Some of my favorite posts on 8Balloons are when I get to share inspiration for Be The Quote. However, not always are these images I post tangible. This time around, I wanted to include my favorite letterpress shops to showcase their beautiful prints. Hopefully they will inspire you for the rest of the week!

first image via Cucumber Press

via ReStyle shop

via We Heart Paper

via Raw Art Letterpress

via Almanac Industries

via Almanac Industries

via cleanwash

While searching for more fun and innovative approaches to the typical index card, I stumbled upon this letterpress thank you card by Snow & Graham. I couldn’t help but share this card because I loved the playful looseleaf design and how it would showcase my love of paper to friends. In general, I enjoy how sometimes you can have one set idea in your head and while searching for it, you may find something even better that you did not expect. I ended up finding many note cards I can’t wait to share, but for now I couldn’t help but switch my ideas around and share this brilliant card. Until tomorrow, I wish you all a great beginning to your week!

Letterpress Thank You Card via Snow & Graham

Many girls might say they can never have too many shoes, but I say a girl can never have too many notebooks! Most people think notebooks are just that, a notebook. However, I see them as a way to express your thoughts. Sometimes a beautiful notebook can even help bring you new inspiration. I always look at them as little pieces of art, especially letterpress notebooks. I have a hard time allowing myself to break one in, but I always seem to find a way. Here are a few that have caught my eye because they also combine my love for letterpress. Oh and yes, I still think a girl can never have too many shoes!

{first image} Letterpress Journal in Eggplant ZigZag via May Day Studio

Set of 3 Cross Stitch Letterpress Notebooks via Pistachio Press

Notebook with W.S. reinterpreted quotes via Satyrika

Bubbles and Sparkles Notebook via Blue Sparrow Press

Pencil Note Letterpress Notebook

Pencil Note Letterpress Notebook via Paper Lovely Letterpress and Design

Handprinted Notebook via smallcapsberlin

AirFish Letterpress Sketchbook via Absoloot

My Analog Notebook via MyhandboundBooks

COOKING notebook via ARMINHO

Yes! Letterpress Print by Tae Won Yu

Buy Olympia has always been a go-to site for me when it comes to fun purchases and discovering new artists. A few weeks ago I saw the below print entitled, Elephant Stories and I was smitten! I had to know more about who created this and just knew I would enjoy everything else this artist designed. His name is Tae Won Yu and he has designed everything from book covers, record covers, to posters. It even turns out I have seen his work for many years since he has created record covers for one of my all time favorite bands, Built To Spill. His work stands out to me with his choice of colors, illustration, typography, and how he combines letterpress with photography. Below are some of my favorite prints he has designed and can be found on Buy Olympia. I have also included his site to see more of his originals.

first image Yes! Letterpress Print

Elephant Stories by Tae Won Yu

Elephant Stories

We Can Send Letters by Tae Won Yu

We Can Send Letters Print

Built to Spill Perfect From Now On Print

Built to Spill Perfect From Now On Print

Summer Songs Print

Summer Songs Print


Tae Won Yu

Buy Olympia


Chevron Card by Paperless Post

There are so many people who are dear to my heart around Valentine’s Day and I would love to send a card to all of them. However, with a hectic schedule I haven’t had the time to buy and send all the cards that I would want to. This changed when I recently discovered an online invitation and stationary site called Paperless Post . This site merges the best of what a handmade card has to offer in sentimental value with the convenience our online generation has come to expect. The cards on Paperless Post are gorgeous and entail a lot of letterpress design which I happen to be a little obsessed with. If only I knew this site existed around the time of my birthday online invites!

They have cards that range from both free and premium, not only just for Valentine’s Day, but for any occasion. For me, this is  a great option because I can sometimes procrastinate when I need to send a card out and this way their eCards are just as personal as a handmade one. The designs are clean, modern, fun and Paperless Post has something for everyone. You are able to customize everything about the card from the envelope lining to the font to ensure the card you are giving is unique. I can’t show you exactly which ones I picked to send for Valentine’s since I don’t want my friends knowing, but I can show you my favorites!

Paperless Post’s Free Valentine’s line:

And the Full Valentine’s line can be seen here:

Je T'adore

Eye Chart

Hugs and Kisses

Modern Love


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