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Back in 2014, my New Year’s resolution was to write a letter/send a card every day of the year. It turns out that sending paper correspondence is habit forming, and I continued throughout 2015. With another year upon us, I find myself  putting pen to paper each day, writing letters to penpals, family and friends, and sending paper greetings to mark special occasions. It goes without saying that I hoard paper products have a stash of cards on-hand at all times. Here’s a round up of some of my fave letterpress cards.


Little Goat Paper Co.

chezgagne chezgagne_friendship timeline

Chez Gagne Letterpress

wayfare_smile wayfarepress_thankyou

Wayfare Press

candles_dearlola cutebebe_dearlola

Dear Lola Letterpress



IG post_postcardsRifle Paper Co.notebook & pencils, Sideshow Press x Parker & Otis Durham postcard, vintage Chimney Rock postcard from Holder

Last week took me to Durham, NC for a mini getaway and a friend’s wedding. The weather was bliss (compared to cooler Canadian temperatures) and there was much to explore…including some sweet little shops with some well-curated stationery offerings.

awesome_shedshed_thismademethinkofyouShed Letterpress

A trip to visit the art collection at 21C Museum Hotel Durham was impressive, with an exhibition called Seeing Now, featuring photography, video, sculpture and paintings. Site specific installation pieces, including the signature fuchsia penguin sculptures can be found throughout the hotel. It was here that I discovered a local stationery line called Shed Letterpress. This design studio was founded by local Sarah Almond in 2010. Cards are stylish and vintage, mid-century inspired. Speaking of mid-century, The Durham Hotel is just a few streets over, and offers up a rooftop patio. It’s all style, and its cocktail menu pays homage to the post office next door with a concoction called Airmail – yum!


Hammerpress postcard, Videri chocolate

While on a mission to find postcards, I came across a lovely gallery/shop in Raleigh, Holder Goods & Crafts. In addition to carrying some seriously cool vintage North Carolina postcards, Holder features artworks on its walls, and vintage and handmade goods.

Parker and OtisBack in Durham, I came upon Parker & Otis, which was a real treat. Besides being home to a cafe and sandwich counter, this shop offers up loads of gift items, and a fantastic stationery selection. It was a seriously blissful experience with designs from loads of my favorites, including Rifle Paper Co., Red Cap Cards, Moglea, Paper Jam Press, Sideshow Press, Hammerpress, Snow & Graham and more.

rifleDolly’s Vintage also offers up a great selection of stationery, carrying lines like Banquet Atelier & Workshop, a. favorite design, Wiley Valentine, Handmade by Allison Cole and Night Owl Paper Goods. This shop is definitely worth the visit!

The Bull City is home to a burgeoning art scene, craft breweries and lots of good eats – it’s definitely worth a visit!




Hartland Brooklyn You Rock

I can’t believe the Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah/New Years holidays are over and January is coming to a close so soon. I feel as if I was just navigating through the end-of-the-year holiday months. Not to worry though, because that means another one of my favorite holidays, Valentine’s Day, is fast approaching. Valentine’s Day cards brings the best out in so many of my favorite shops because it’s a holiday that we can have fun whether single or attached! Not to mention who does’nt appreciate a good pun! These are just some I adore:

{First Image via Hartland Brooklyn}

La Familia Be MimeLa Familia Greengotamagogotamago You're the One Pho MegotamagoFat Bunny Press Love Note CityFat Bunny PressInk Meets Paper So Glad I Found You Letterpress CardInk Meets Paper

A few weeks ago, after feeling a bit defeated in “start-up land,” I saw Eric of Spofford Press post one of his new letterpress prints from their summer collection and immediately felt inspired. There are many reasons Spofford Press stood out to me, among them being from the Northeast (just like me!). They continually create unique and fun letterpress cards and prints, all hand-drawn and printed on thick cotton paper with hand-mixed ink. Being in the start-up community myself, I can always appreciate a company that matches their creativity to how passionate they are with their work.

You can check out more of their note card sets, prints and new releases throughout the months on their site here!

Spofford Press You Got This

Quit Slackin

Ship In A Bottle

Jimmy Smithimages via Spofford Press

Hartland Brooklyn Summer Letterpress Greeting Card

It’s officially summer and what a better way to celebrate than by sending a fun summer greeting card to your loved ones. Especially with the ones up north! Typically, I don’t think to send summer greetings, but after this winter I thought my friends and family could use it. I was even more surprised to find so many fun summer letterpress card options as I did. Some of my favorite shops had the same idea with these lovely cards below.

{first image via Hartland Brooklyn}

Hartland Brookland Summer Letterpress Card

 {via Hartland Brooklyn}

Two Guitars Summer Letterpress Card

{via Two Guitars}

Rise and Shine Letterpress Summer Letterpress Card

 {via Rise and Shine Letterpress}

Rise and Shine Letterpress Summer Card

 {via Rise and Shine Letterpress}

Pepper Press Summer Letterpress Card

{via Pepper Press}


Although quotes have inundated every social media site there is, I still enjoy a beautiful letterpress print with a quote I can find inspiration from. It just takes that one quote to inspire and help push you through. These are the ones sparking light in my week thus far.

{first image via Joey Roth}

letterpress quote{via tag team tompkins}

Travel quote{via Mint Afternoon}

just because

The holidays have passed, but there are still so many great reasons to give your friends and loved ones a card. Who wouldn’t love a handwritten card that is just to tell you something funny and/or that they are thinking of you. In fact, my favorite cards to receive are the “just because” cards. Sometimes receiving a random note of love or encouragement can mean so much and make that person’s week. I encourage you all to write just one!

{first image via creativity cards}

hello{via yellow fish paperie}

Hello card{via lulu dee}

just because 2{via Sparkvites}

Lionel Richie{via Natty Made}

BFFS{via Farewell Paperie}

hey card{via Uppercase Press}


pantone card

These past few months I have been traveling a little more than usual and I have met some wonderful people along the way. Many of these folks have been involved with letterpress or fun shops that I would love to share in the future and during my conversations, most of them have all asked if I had a business card to share—and dreadfully, I’ve had to answer no. Designing business cards has been something that I have had on my to-do list for quite awhile now, and I have recently found the perfect person to execute this! I cannot wait to share what my mystery business card guru creates with me, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out. In the meantime, here are a few creative letterpress business cards for inspiration.

first image via via Lovely Stationary by James Prunean

ombre card

via Fabien Barral

bus card

via Design Work Life by Moglea

foil bus card

via CardObserver by Look and Do It



I have never been much of a “traditional” Valentine’s Day enthusiast. My favorite parts of the “holiday” have always been the candy hearts and playful cards, which I may or may not receive, depending on how I netted out that year. Remember elementary school Valentine’s Day parties when the kids would drop cute cards in our cubbies? Each year, there was a guarantee that we would receive a card—my how things have changed! I don’t believe you have to spend much on this day for your loved ones but of course, I believe in sending a thoughtful card. You know me, any reason I can give a beautiful card, I will! Here are my favorite Valentine’s Day picks to start fostering some love in the air—more to come throughout the month.

first image via Ink Meets Paper

Drunk Vday

via McBitterson’s


via Hartland Brooklyn


via Vandalia Street Press


via PalettesCO


Nothing stirs my holiday cheer each year more than picking my favorite letterpress holiday cards to share with the most important people in my life. At this point, it’s almost expected that they’ll receive a beautiful card which, of course, puts no pressure whatsoever on me (wink). Although finding that perfect holiday gift can sometimes be painstaking and difficult on budgets, personalizing something special to share with those you love is important.

That’s why I love sending a unique, beautiful card that serves as a gift in itself! Here are some of my picks from my favorite shops that I have personally bought from for my family and friends. Ssshhh don’t tell. Just like Santa, I know whether you’ve been naughty or nice.

Spofford Press

I first found Eric Hoffman and his shop via Instagram—and I’m so glad I did because his talent is only surpassed by his passion for letterpress. For those of you now in the know, my favorite pick is the Christmas Lights Card above.


via Spofford Press

Cherry Laurel Studio

My mom’s favorite holiday movie is A Christmas Story, so I had to buy this card by  Cherry Laurel Studio.


I adore this card by DeLuce Design and can’t wait to give it to my friend’s little ones.


A very cute card for my little cousins by Fat Bunny Press.


For the foodies in your life by Echo Letterpress


Looking forward to giving this card by McBittersons Shop to all my guy friends. They all loved it last year.

Hartland Brooklyn

My girlfriends loved this dainty card I gave out last year by  Hartland Brooklyn.