Featured Designer: Victoria of Paper Epiphanies

Paper Epiphanies is a gorgeous line of letterpress greeting cards that tell it like it is. Real talk lovingly printed in pretty scripts and well-chosen fonts. When I saw the recently released 4th Trimester collection of cards, I felt like Victoria, the designer behind the line, was talking directly to me. I feel like we all know that becoming a parent is going to be an incredible and amazing adventure that will fill our hearts with joy. But, nobody ever tells you about the self-doubt, the fact that you may never drink a hot beverage again, or the judgement (perceived or otherwise). These cards get to the heart of the journey, and every new mama needs at least one. I had to talk to Victoria and learn more about Paper Epiphanies.

How did you come to fall in love with letterpress?

I first learned to letterpress 6 and half years ago on Vandercook press. I fell in love with wedding invitations that were out of my budget and decided to print them for myself. I was lucky to stumble upon an incredible printing mentor (Mable Lee of Dee and Lala) and was able to train under her direction for over three years.

We love the blend of elegant letterspress, luxe paper, gorgeous type and attitude that characterize your line. What made you want to create Paper Ephiphanies, and to keep it so very real?

Thank you so much! Having started my career in comedy, I had years of writing and material under my belt before I launched Paper Epiphanies. I have always loved paper but had a hard time finding cards that combined a beautiful aesthetic with an authentic and raw tone. I decide to merge the two…and magic was born 🙂

You are all about girl power. Your cards feature inspiring and hilarious messages. Why is this so important to you? 

As a business owner, my BIG goal is to rid the world of stigmas placed on femininity and women in business. With our line, we aim to create beautiful, sassy, chic, edgy products that make women laugh, make women feel supported and most importantly, remind women that their place is ANYWHERE they want it be. Often times, women are confined to speaking and acting a certain way. At Paper Epiphanies, we believe that women should talk how they want to talk and don’t need permission to be themselves. Many of our cards speak directly to that mission.

You recently released a line of cards about the fourth trimester. The messages on these cards are so perfect for new mamas. What inspired you to create this line? 

I had my first child, a little girl named Parker, nine months ago. The beautiful, challenging, painful, humbling and powerful transition to motherhood is something we don’t always discuss in a truthful and vulnerable way. I felt it was important to shine a light on that time in a woman’s life. I have so much respect for mothers and after having lived that journey, I wanted to create a collection to empower and validate new mothers.

I wish I’d had all of these cards sent to me when I was a new mom, because there were many days when I thought I was doing everything wrong. What do you wish you’d been told? 

Aww, well I wish we had our collection then to send you! Truthfully, many of the things I wished to hear can be found in “The 4th Trimester” collection. A few key things can be found in our card that reads “You smell. Your nipples hurt. Your clothes don’t fit. You kind of miss your old life. Your baby feels like a stranger. And it is all completely normal. This is hard and you strong.” I literally wrote that card from my soul at three months post partum and knew that I would have loved to hear those words as a new mother.

You’ve recently become a mom. How are you balancing being a badass entrepreneur with begin an awesome role model of mama? 

Is this a trick question? Haha! I think social media can make the “mom juggle” look good (and easy) from afar, but the truth is –  it is fucking hard. I sometimes get it right, but often I get it wrong. When I am working at Paper Epiphanies HQ, I often look at videos of my daughter, miss her and get distracted and when I am home, I am often frustrated that I don’t have time to accomplish more things for work. It always feels like I am getting a B- in both roles. I also think it is very important to recognize the other women in my life who make it possible for me to do both. Women like my incredible nanny, Daisy, who takes wonderful care of Parker while I am running our company. And another would be our Paper Epiphanies Studio Manager, Tarn, who makes it possible for me to work from home once a week and leave at 4pm each day. So much of my success is a result of the success (and sacrifice) of other women. I am so grateful.

We love your collaboration with Chelsea Leifken. How did it come about?

Thanks so much!  Female collaboration is part of the lifeblood of Paper Epiphanies – we have collaborated with over ten female artists to date. I have known Chelsea for a few years and have always respected and admired her journey and her art. We decided to create a line together that resonated with both of our audiences. The collaboration was a fun, creative and empowering experience and a reminder of why we do them.

Any other dream collabs or projects?

Oh, so many. We have a lot of big things coming in the next 18 months. Many more collabs, projects and announcements…stay tuned 🙂

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