Welcome Back

It’s been a crazy few months with my amazing sidekick, Andrea, giving birth to the most beautiful baby boy, and me adjusting to life in a new city while juggling my startup, The Blog Bar.
Now, some would think of a break as a bad thing, a “step back”, but we would disagree. That negative viewpoint can only stop people from starting again in any aspect, whether that is working out, hobbies, art, or careers.
Since 8Balloons is so dear to us, we choose to only put positive energy and our all into it and if we can’t, we like to take a step back, get our creative juices flowing and come back. We couldn’t think of a better time now that summer is ending and fall is about to arrive!
So since this is like a welcome home to us, we thought, why not share a few of our favorite welcome home cards for friends and relatives that are opening a new chapter. We forget that these moments can be a little scary and also exciting, so why not fill their new home with festive mail!
{First image via Fuzzy Hippo Shop)

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