5 Important Things To Remember While Planning A Wedding

Your wedding is perhaps the biggest day of your life. With that being said, it’s crucial you plan it down to every last intricate detail to ensure it’s as perfect as you envision. Here are just five of the most important things to think about as your big day approaches.

The Invitations

You know I love a good invitation! Your wedding starts with your guests. Consider just how you want to invite your friends and family to your ceremony – invitations remain the superior way to do so despite a rise in social media, as it really adds a touch of sincerity and personality.

If you’ve got a theme figured out already, it would be a good idea to incorporate it into your invitations. Craft some beautiful designs that really stand out and your potential guests will be both amazed and excited for what’s to come. This is where your creative side should shine, so be sure to go all out.

The Theme

Talking of the theme, it’s again a necessary thing to consider when planning your big day. As previously mentioned, the way you design your invitations is important in setting the foundations and giving your guests a hint as to just what to expect from the wedding itself. There are some common themes, as highlighted by Wedding Insurance – perhaps opt for one of these if you’re stuck on a decision.

Your wedding dress is perhaps the most important thing to think about when it comes to the theme of your wedding. It doesn’t have to be all white – infuse it with different colours and patterns such as floral or lace to really bring your chosen theme to life. You’ll be the centre of attention, so it’s important to devote yourself to the cause.

The reception

When it comes to your reception, don’t hold back. You’ll want to celebrate in style, so be sure to incorporate lots of decoration – more on that later. But the reception should be about you coming together with your guests in a celebration of love and happiness, so really make it a night to remember.

Consider everything from the food to the speeches and how you want your night to flow. If you’re only wanting a laidback party with no stress, for example, a buffet or similar spread could work well as guests will be able to eat if and when they want to.

The Decorations

Again, let your creative side shine with the decorations – this is more an idea for the reception. Consider hand-designing your own paper throws for the tables and placeholders for each of your guests, an essential inclusion if you’re having a sit-down meal in the evening.

However, it’s still important to think about for the actual ceremony, too. Confetti is a given, and with your theme in mind consider designing your very own. Print your own designs upon them – perhaps the name of you and your husband/wife – and have them ready for guests to shower upon you as you leave the venue.

The Entertainment

How will you bring your party to life? Keep your guests entertained throughout the night with some entertainment. Music is the most common choice for a reason, as you’ll be able to dance the night away with the friends and family members closest to you. Why not splash out and have a live band to put on a show?

And make sure you have a way for your guests to leave a message! Create your very own personalised scrapbook to leave at the reception, where people will be able to write to you. It’s a great memento to look back on, as well as an opportunity for your friends and family to express just how much this day means to them.

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