You may think my first love is greeting cards, but this love story began with collecting office supplies. Every journal, pen, marker, I could get  – I was addicted. Every time I visited my uncle, he would take me on a shopping spree at the closest office supply store. I know what you’re thinking, a little strange, but I have just always loved paper and filling my creative space with it!
If you’re like me, then you’re always trying to find the newest and shiny new toys to buy and you probably check NoteMaker constantly.  Based in Australia, NoteMaker is a dream come true for a paper lover like me. It’s one of my favorite sites to peruse as it’s filled with tons of well-curated eye candy from paper to wax seals to planners and lifestyle accessories.
Not only do I always get new ideas from them, but I use them as a resource to find new designers. I’m sharing some of my favorite items this week and stay tuned because I have something special I will be giving away shortly!

{first image Papier Tigre}

blackwing Blackwing e1f426-balloon_1 J. Herbin Wax Seal fluro_orange_envelopes_04 Le Typographe mt Mt Tape bo-desk_organiser_gld_01 Beyond Object

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