Paper Epiphanies


Paper Epiphanies

I recently met Victoria of Paper Epiphanies at the National Stationery Show and was smitten with their office goods and their empowering letterpress line. We all know I love a good quote, but lately I have not found many new statements and designs that resonate with me. When I entered their booth I was immediately fixed on each and every item. They were saying everything I have thought at one point or how I want to feel.

I quickly learned about them and that they aim to empower everyone, especially women. They believe everyone has their own journey and some just happen to be funnier than others. I can relate to that! You can quickly see what they mean by “there is an attitude for every occasion” once you see all of their cards. I found a card for every girlfriend in my life and now I just have to get around to giving them. I always enjoy humor with empowerment and Paper Epiphanies was no exception, they are paper with attitude.


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