NSS 2016 Round Up

When I first began 8Balloons over 5 years ago, the idea of attending the National Stationery Show didn’t even factor into the grand scheme. I was just hoping to create great content on my favorite greeting cards. I have been so happy to see the progression of designers over the past few years and am so grateful to see how large my community has grown including meeting one of my closest friends and partnering with Andrea on the blog. This year, both Andrea and I were able to attend the show and see some of our favorite people and their greeting card lines, while also being introduced to new ones. There are just so many to share that both Andrea and I will be curating our finds throughout the month.

Tayham Tay Ham Sea and Lake Sea+Lake Paper Co. Lark and Raven Lark+Raven Half Penny Postage Half Penny Postage Fox and Wit Fox & Wit Black Lamb BK Black Lamb  warren tales Warren Tales

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