National Stationery Show 2016

Rifle Rifle Paper Co. 

What a whirlwind (and all we did was walk the show)! The National Stationery Show (NSS) was four days of inspiration in one of the world’s best cities, the Big Apple. NSS is a trade show for stationery buyers, an opportunity for designers to showcase their new paper products. NSS was a visual feast, with designers from across the US, Canada and internationally featuring their stationery lines and related products. There are so many great moments to share, which are impossible to encapsulate in just one post, so stay tuned for more!


For the last few years, Ink Meets Paper creates a new design for their Text Less, Write More postcard. A piece of letterpress art, this postcard is my mantra. I love this year’s design (possibly too much to send out).

Steam Whistle Letterpress is simply the cat’s pajamas. Designer and printer Brian Stuparyk uses vintage type and images in his designs, which he describes as a throwback to the days when letterpress was king. He wins for most inventive business card, which actually folds up into a whistle (and it works!).


Before getting married, my husband and I were in a long distance relationship (or LDR as the kids call it). Sometimes, we went months without seeing each other (cue violins) and it was tough on us. Tiffany, the fab and talented maker behind Shifting Status Kuo, has designed a line of cards that is perfect for couples in different area codes.

Amy Heitman is sweet as pie, and her designs are gorgeous. An artist and illustrator, Amy creates beautiful prints, cards and wrap with thoughtful sentiments. I adore her florals and use of color.


August Paper Co.‘s Marissa created a seriously cool tissue paper collage backdrop for her booth at the show. She starts each card with a tissue paper collage, which is photographed and printed, and then uses a letterpress to add sentiments to each design.

August Paper

More posts to come, as well as some interviews with the designers we met!



  1. It was so great to catch up with you two! So glad you dropped by, and it definitely looks like you had a blast at the show. Cheers to more mailboxes filled with all sorts of happy cards and letters!

  2. Awesome round up! That tissue paper background are cards are so awesome–so creative! I also love that long distance card! Looking forward to the next NSS post 🙂

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