Mother’s Day Love…and Fun


With Mother’s Day just weeks away, it’s time to do a round up of cards that are just right for mom, whether she’s the type of gal who prefers pretty florals, your hilarious sense of humor or being reminded just how badass she is.


Honizukle Press (above) features seriously pretty and sweet letterpress styles, a classic stationery choice for your classy mom. Sweet Peony Press‘s gorgeous card (below) is vintage in style, a love note for mom, just as the gardener-themed F as in Frank Paper Goods card (below).



I love the sassy sense of humor behind 417 Press.  Designer Michelle Secondi always makes me laugh with her real talk cards.

This Bench Pressed design says it like it is. Ditto for the McBitterson’s card below it.

badassmom mcbittersons




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