Featured Designers: Gabriela & Maryrose of RED Paper Boutique

Designed by two lovely, funny and creative women, RED Paper Boutique is a line of greeting cards that ranges from sweet florals, and unique pocket designs to real talk. The dynamic duo behind these cards is Gabriela and Maryrose, Alberta, Canada-based nurses, turned entrepreneurs. These mombosses have five children between them, continue to work as nurses and add new designs to their card line.


How did you meet?

We went to the same high school and were a year apart. We didn’t know each other at school and it wasn’t until we were both working on a mental health unit as nurses that we  crossed paths. It was then that we realized that we’d always been around each other unknowingly! From that point on, we realized our lives would always be intertwined whether through our nursing careers, developing our company RED Paper Boutique or growing our families together.


You share a love for design and paper, and for connecting people. How did RED Paper Boutique evolve?

RED started as Real Engaging Designs- a place where we could help couples create their dream wedding invitations. Through marriage to our own amazing hubbies and with the addition of little ones, time became something that was super precious (and limited). RED became RED Paper Boutique where we began designing and creating greeting cards. This slight change in direction offered us the ability to balance being mothers and continuing to pursue our stationery dreams.


What does your creative process look like? How do you collaborate on the design of your cards?

We consider ourselves really blessed to have such an amazing partnership and friendship. We both bring very unique and personal qualities to RED Paper Boutique, while still maintaining the same thoughts and ideas in terms of direction for our brand. We laugh at how often we both say, “get out of my head” when it comes to sharing new ideas! A lot of our more recent collections including our Being Parents Greeting Cards happened organically through our journey as mothers. We’ve spent endless hours laughing over the phone saying, “There’s our next design”. It’s important to us to create something that people can relate to and stems from our own hearts.


You’ve come up with a fantastically unique design – the Pocket Greeting Cards. What made you add this sweet little feature to your cards?

We really wanted to create something that was different – a little surprise when you opened our cards. The idea for our Pocket Design Greeting Cards came from our background designing wedding invitations. Our most popular invitations had a pocket in the enclosure to hold extra information. We’ve loved hearing how creative people get when sending our cards, using the pocket to add gift certificates, pictures and even little bags of tea as a special gift!


Your Being Parents series speaks right to parents; no sugar coating…no doubt parenthood was the inspiration for these cards. 

Maryrose kept mentioning how there was a lack of cards that specifically spoke to new parents. She would design an individual card to give her husband to validate their journey together as parents. Once the first design was created, the others just came flooding out. We realized how many other parents could relate and they became an instant hit! Confession: one of our cards may in fact have been designed while on the toilet with little people storming in like there was some kind of magic pony inside.


Have you transitioned from working as nurses to focusing on RED Paper Boutique full time? If so, what has that transition been like?

We both continue to nurse and work on RED Paper Boutique full time. We could definitely both use a few more hours in every day! Hence came the inspiration for our first gold-foiled art print (Momboss). Our passion has always been to help people first and we really get a unique type of perspective working with people with mental health issues. Working on RED allows us a creative outlet- a type of creative therapy that helps us realize we are all connected in some way.


In addition to your various card lines, you do custom work including bridal invitations. What do you enjoy about working with couples on their big day?

We LOVE working with clients on customizing their perfect wedding invitations! The best part has to be figuring out how to take everything they have told us; dreamt about since child; been influenced by in their lives; and, definitely pinned to Pinterest- and combine all of that into something tangible that represents them as a couple! We also love the moment they see their design for the very first time! Still makes us get all mushy and teary!

Please complete this sentence: Snail mail is…

Definitely still the number one way to make someone else feel appreciated! Our belief is that technology has actually made snail mail that much more significant. There is literally nothing more validating then opening the mail and seeing a letter or card inside. It still evokes that childhood feeling when your pen pal would write or grandma would send birthday money!

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All photos by Sue Moodie Photography.


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