Brie Mine Valentine

awesome sauce

They say the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach. I believe this to be true of women too…or at least true of me. If this food comes in the form of chocolate – even better. Here’s a round up of some of my fave punny food-themed Valentine’s cards. Be forewarned, you made need a snack.

I’m pretty sure Michele of Lucky Horse Press gets me. Her letterpress and silkscreened stationery line is funny, nostalgic and all around awesome. She creates great designs and lovingly prints her cards using a hand-mixed inks that make up a great color palette.



Hea-Mi and Nova, the dynamic New York based duo behind A La Carde, love good eats, and their cards reflect this.  Hand painted and lettered, their cards are seriously well-crafted. They bring their fun sense of humor to each caption and come up with daily designs that they share on Instagram.


Paula of Paula & Waffle is another talented NYC designer, and her line of cards combines heartfelt and sweet sentiments with smile-inducing illustrations.



Toronto-based Lichia is the artist behind Gotamago, a stationery line that features hand-painted and lettered designs. Each card is a mini work of art, and is frame-worthy.

a perfect matcha

apple of my pie


Montreal-based Chris Henschel is the artist behind Raccoons and Robots. His hand-painted cards feature what I presume to be two of his great loves: beer and cheese.


stout of this world



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