The Key to [Valentine] Success

DJ Khaled It might be the beginning of the year, but for me it’s winding down with my favorite holiday to celebrate with cards until, well, this coming December. Obviously, I believe you should tell your loved ones you love them everyday blah blah blah, but come on, how much fun is Valentine’s Day! I love it for the cheesy cheap heart-shaped chocolate boxes where every piece is a mystery and you bite into each one and then hate yourself later for eating the whole box. Especially the pieces that were disgusting (but you ate them anyway). I don’t believe you if you tell me you didn’t ever buy yourself one.

And well, we all know the other reason as to why I love this holiday…the CREATIVE CARDS! Remember receiving little cards in your cubby hole in elementary school? I do! Whether you love to hate V-Day, are a complete sappy romantic, or if you love pop culture and hip hop,  I got you covered. So let’s start this week with the best hip hop themed Valentine’s Day cards.


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