Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal!


‘Tis the season for sending holiday mail while watching classic movies. Dear readers, I’m taking a little break from my card writing and envelope washiing (that’s totally a word) to share some holiday card inspiration with you.

Fancy Seeing You Here is a whimsical stationery line featuring letterpress and silkscreened cards. I adore designer Sarah’s sense of humour and pop culture references, like the one above (it’s not Christmas until you’ve seen Macaulay Culkin’s family forget him at least once). And, there are  cats!

fsyh_holiday_bigbows_1 fsyh_gee_holiday_lights_1
Designer Michelle Secondi of 417 Press is pretty hilarious. Her letterpress cards are text on white, with bright envelopes. Script and a serif fonts convey witty messages. And, because she’s based in Montreal, messages are often in French. I feel like all sentiments sound classier en francais.




I can’t help but love People I’ve Loved. Their designs are largely text-based, written in super distinct script and lettering with sometimes sweet, sometimes irreverent sentiments.






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