Wickedly Good Wishes

il_570xN.381939310_ajdg Wit and Whistle

Want to wish someone a spooktacular Halloween? Send a little love to  your boo?  Tell someone you think they’re sweet? Write a note to your fave ghoulfriend? Check out this round up of  bootiful cards!


Debbie Draws Funny

il_570xN.508926694_s7vw Floating Specks


Turtle’s Soup

Happy Dappy Bits

Happy Dappy Bits

Jamie Sherman

Want to make your own cards, or embellish envelopes? These stamps are for you!

Felicette pumpkin stamp





  1. I love your blog! Thanks so much for posting my Halloweenie card so I could find you. You’ve collected so many card makers I’ve never seen before in one place. I just looked through a bazillion posts. Keep it up!

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