Cardrella And Daville

Over the past four years, I have been lucky enough to connect with so many like-minded, creative and talented artists and snail mail lovers. I cannot express enough my passion for this community and my love of these people I am lucky enough to call friends. They continue to push me to fight hard for all the passion projects I work on – because of them – these projects  are coming to fruition. This past year, I took a stab at designing my own cards, as I continually have my own ideas that I like to design and give to my family and friends. I decided to open up and share the designs on Etsy and with friends (not stating they were mine as this is a personal project) and I was overwhelmed with the response. I love designing under Cardrella And Daville.  With my startup, The Blog Bar, I am not in control of all aspects, and I am waiting to see what happens. But with designing these cards, I am able to express my idea, design it, produce it and immediately see a response. So check out my slightly gangster tasting cards, and let me know your thoughts!

Mos Def Cardrella And Daville Cardrella_and_Daville Unicorn Birthday Cardrella And Daville Fly AF Cardrella And Daville Fantastical Unicorn Cardrella And Daville Love You Cardrella And Daville Double Tap Cardrella And Daville Universe Cardrella And Daville Yaaass Cardrella And Daville Drake Cardrella And Daville Mazel Tov Cardrella And Daville Thank You Cardrella And Daville


  1. I’m pretty sure you already know I think these are (Does anyone say that? I don’t care because I do.) Way to go, Julie! /cheerleading


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