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I cannot begin to express my gratitude and excitement that over 1,500 bloggers have signed up to be part of my passion project, The Blog Bar. This has been a dream of mine that has continued to evolve over the past 3 years, benefitting from conversations and feedback from other bloggers. During this time, I have experienced the trials and tribulations that all startups go through.  Every step of the way, I have been grateful for the experience, knowing that these ups and downs have helped to inform what The Blog Bar will be and ensuring that it will be a truly useful tool for everyone in the blog community. My idea continued to evolve over the years,  always with the same focus in mind; the blogger. All I have ever wanted is to build a community and support network for current and future bloggers so that they can build theirs brands to the best of their ability.

With a lot of work over the past few months and some great experiences and inspiration from old and new friends, I can finally say we are on our way! The Blog Bar will launch in July and will include a mentor program that I feel will really benefit the blog world. My goal is to take the ego out of blogging and make our community connect on a meaningful level; to help each other.  In the blog community, it’s often thought that there are few resources and little help from larger, successful bloggers. I am committed to helping connect every blogger and to creating an environment where we help each other’s communities flourish.  I hope you will join in and connect with me!  It’s a new week –  join now for the free blog planner that will help motivate and organize your posts for the next week!

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