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I’m all about products with a purpose, which is why I was first drawn to Ariel Nathan’s “Neatly Noted” line. For the uninitiated, Neatly Noted is a brand described as being made for “Life’s chicest go-getters.” Ariel’s line focuses on desk accessories and home goods that help to organize your day-to-day needs in a positive way. I recently had the opportunity to connect with Ariel, who is based out of Connecticut. Ariel couldn’t have been sweeter and I am lucky to call her a new friend. I’m so proud to have a great network of other entrepreneurial women across the country, including Ariel and Neatly Noted.

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Q: What made you decide to start Neatly Noted?

A: I started Neatly Noted with the intention of designing a collection of matching, simple and functional tools to help you be the most productive and passionate person possible. Each product was created to help organize your day-day-to-day in the most positive way, leaving more time for you to chase your dreams and dance in the rain! I love seeing people inspired to work hard and I hope these desk accessories will help motivate people to work on their big picture dreams in day-to-day life. Neatly Noted Tumbler

Q: How do you stay personally stay organized? Are you a pen and paper or a digital kinda gal?

A: I use a good combination of both paper and digital for keeping my daily routine organized. I find that most ideas, thoughts, brainstorming happens on paper, and most schedule making, planning and prioritizing happens via technology.

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Q: You’re the queen of desk accessories, what does your own creative space look like?

A: I am inspired by the things around me. My work space is jam packed with photos of friends, family and memories. I also keep a drawer of pencils – I love, love, love pencils! – they are probably my favorite desk accessory. I also have an abundance of note pads, I can’t remember the last time I actually filled one – I just grab whatever is closest and start writing! Neatly Noted Pencils

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  1. Julie! Thank you so much for sharing Neatly Noted! I am so excited to call you a new friend as well and I look forward to following along with 8 Balloons and all of the other amazing adventures you are encountering!


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