The Blog Bar

The Blog Bar

My Dear Readers,

I’m so excited to share with you my new venture, The Blog Bar. I initially started 8Balloons four years ago out of my love of all things paper and blogs. My background has always been with helping other startups create and build their own, so 8Balloons became my way to express my own creativity. What I quickly found was that it meant so much more. It was a community of bloggers and artists I quickly came to know and cherish so much. Two years ago I came up with an idea to help change the blogger community and to try and build a stronger platform. In developing these ideas I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of the most talented and special people that believed in me along the way. While these last two years have had some turbulence along the way, this time has taught me to fight harder, stay humble and learn as much as I can to perfect my idea. In the end, I hope to make these people that have inspired and encouraged me proud.

So what exactly is The Blog Bar you ask? In short, it’s a community that helps bloggers connect with businesses and vice versa to gain sponsorship, editorials and giveaways. So many businesses out there are in need of bloggers but they don’t know where to turn to seek a database. The Blog Bar also not only brings bloggers to businesses but is a community based on engagement and to help bloggers with all of their organizational needs so that they stay inspired and motivated to keep up with their passion.

I truly hope you’ll sign up so I can personally connect with everyone of you to find out your needs as I continue to build this for you in mind. When you sign up, I will be sharing a fun blog printable that I hope starts your week off bright!

I want to thank you all again for your support and future dedication to making our blog community the best it can be.



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