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The “Creative Space” — one of the most essential parts to one’s creative process. It could be anywhere that brings you your best ideas. Whether it’s a traditional desk/office area, a coffee shop, library, subway, or even washing your hair in the shower. For me, it is my desk area because I dedicate that space to productive time. I don’t dilly-dally while there. I must admit the real ideas don’t come in a perfectly organized space, they come at all times during the day. Especially in the most chaotic settings. That’s life though. Messy. But when it comes time to organize these wonderful ideas, I like to do so in a clean, organized and dedicated space. I keep my walls bare (also because I rent my walls) and I only leave a few items out in view, such as my favorite cards I’ve received or ones I’ve yet to write to write about. And my computer, where all my inspiration is stored and where all things can become possible. View More: View More: View More:


  1. That’s really so true that you need to have the creative spirit around you for creating something nice 🙂 And of course it comes also from inside you. I like your photos, the space looks peaceful, inspiring and harmonious! Sunny greetings from Rotterdam!

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