I must admit I’m a hoarder of notepads. To me they can all serve a different purpose so why not have a few on hand. Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, this has been my logic for far too long. As a result, I’ve managed to amass (many) more than I’d care to admit to. Their beauty alone sometimes makes it difficult for me to even use. Typical things I look for in a notebook are quality of paper, how smooth will my thoughts transpire from pen to paper and of course, clean aesthetics. Below are a few of my Go-To’s:

papersource donut notebook Paper Source queeniescards_photo_notebook-lightbulb_product_1-510x378 queenie’s cards
Paper Notebook Paper Notebook Sugar Paper Notebook Sugar Paper Sept Couleur Notebook Maruman Sept Couleur Kate Spade Notebooks Kate Spade via See Jane Work

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