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Being an admire of all things paper, its only natural that I am a type enthusiast as well. To sum typography up in the easiest way, it is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language most appealing. You may love inspirational prints with quotes, but it is not necessarily the quote that makes the print appeal to you but rather how the artist arranged and designed the type. I have so many favorite typographers and it’s hard not to share one at a time but I wanted to introduce you to the many artists I have come to respect.

Out of the Blue 2

Xavier Casalta, a graphic designer in France who uses a stippling technique to produce beautifully detailed lettering and illustrations.

Out of the Blue

Joshua Harris also known as The A Board Dude, an extremely talented graphic designer I first started following on Instagram for his merging of smart humor and design on numerous business boards.

Feel Good Do Good Creativity G Unit

Nicole Arnett Phillips of Typograph.her is an all around awesome designer with her background coming from editorial and book design.

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