2015 Kate Spade Planner

I am having mixed emotions about this year coming to a close. Holiday Decorations out on display is always a sure sign, not to mention you can already purchase 2015 calendars. Time continues to go by so fast as I continue to fight for every dream of mine and hope at one point in the near future they become reality. We should be proactive to define our dreams less on days, months, and years it takes and rather leave our calendars open to help us fill in the tasks at hand for those goals. The 2015 planner that makes all this worth it to me has finally arrived! The Kate Spade black and white striped planner has been my favorite for a few years now. Last year I didn’t make it in time for the stripes so I opted for the gold polka dots and loved it just as much. I’m glad to see them bringing the designs back for 2015. Not only does the planner fit my everyday needs but it always gives me inspiration every so often with the beautiful quotes and designs within the planner for each month. Here’s to planning ahead!







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