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These quotes might seem melancholy, but I promise you they are the most uplifting. These quotes to me represent what it is to have an idea and step out of your comfort zone to see it to fruition. I have had many over the past three years and I have sought out each one and continue to fully. I use to think that you should focus solely on one idea and if it doesn’t “make it”, then you failed. But in the past six months, I would have to argue the complete opposite. We are programmed to believe that an idea is only a success if you bring it to life. I would disagree and say that by believing that, you limit yourself to that one idea and never are able to see the bigger picture or what path(s) that idea can bring you to that you didn’t even know existed. It’s kind of like a resume. You may have not thought that first job would have taught you anything, until you reached the fourth job four years later and had a bit more knowledge in a certain area because of that “one meaningless job” four years before.

My blog was the catalyst to me writing a book. That blog and book idea brought me to to creating an online startup. Even if my startup is not fully complete, that idea connected me to some amazing people that have become dear to me and have taught me so much. It’s important to also not limit your purpose and always keep an open mind so that those pathways can find their way to you. Here’s to a great weekend and hopefully many more inspiring ideas!

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