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Kate Spade 2013 Planner

Ok, so we are already into February but if you are like me, it is never too late to talk about a new planner. Since I have not been around for a month (okay, three) I will recap and show you some of my favorite 2013 planners. Can you figure out which one I am using right now? I’ll give you a hint, it starts with Kate and ends with Spade.

{first image} 2013 Kate Spade Planner via Fred Flare 

2013 planner

2013 Planner with screenprinted cover via Girl In Gear Studio

Laurel Denise 2013 Planner

2013 Laurel Denise Planner via Laurel Denise

Poketo Tomorrow Planner 2

Poketo Tomorrow Planner

Tomorrow Planner via Poketo 















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