Be The Quote

It has been a little over a month since I had stepped away from 8balloons and there is good reason to it. Typically, when I have stepped away for less then a week, I have always felt a little guilty. This time, it has been the longest I have gone since writing. In June I came up with another one of my crazy ideas, but this time I knew it was different. It was to create an app that could have only come to me from the love I have for my online community and blog. I knew I could bring it to fruition, which is exactly what I have been working on ever since. I cannot wait to share this creation with you, since it is because of this blog and readers I created it. There are many exciting parts to this idea that I will be sharing soon. For now, my inspiration is to continue to create, and these quotes have helped me along the way. I hope they can inspire you as well!

first image via go girl, seek happy nights

via Shane Harris

via The Fresh Exchange

via still love

via Megan Matsuoka

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