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Russel+Hazel Gift Set

New work projects translates to new notebooks! I am about to embark on a few new projects and I need to create a better organizational routine for each one without making it more complicated. As much as I am a lover of all things organized, it doesn’t necessarily always mean I am the best at it. I know I could take all these projects and transfer it to the digital world, but again, that doesn’t always work best for me either. I like to have something tangible and I remember best when I am actually writing lists down and crossing things off. Here are a few ideas I came across to house 5-6 projects simultaneously and yet in one place.


Russel+Hazel are known for their high quality and sleek designed products. Their Gift Set (see above picture) is a perfect starter kit for all your needs and includes the binder, 8-tab dividers, filler paper, and their colorful adhesive squares for quick notes.

The large Project Folders work best for all of your loose-end documents that support each project. I especially like these folders because of the labeling on the outside. You are able to keep updated notes on the front of the folder so it can also work as a little notebook and allows you to know where you stand within the project.

Russel+Hazel Large Project Folders

See Jane Work

There really has never been an item from See Jane Work that I didn’t wanted. The online store seems to have found a product for every need, even if it is to log every lipstick you own! I know for me I definitely don’t need every logging notebook imaginable, but I could definitely use the below items. The Office Organizer is genius because it is designed to work as an outline that allows you to divide big projects into manageable tasks, or to keep track of multiple assignments and ongoing work.

See Jane Work Instant Office Organizer

The Internet Notes notebook is great for when you want to keep a list of all your favorite websites, and email addresses. It includes pre-printed and blank labels that let you group by Travel, Entertainment, Career or any subject that works for you.

See Jane Work Internet Notes

Internet Notes Tabs

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