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Yes! Letterpress Print by Tae Won Yu

Buy Olympia has always been a go-to site for me when it comes to fun purchases and discovering new artists. A few weeks ago I saw the below print entitled, Elephant Stories and I was smitten! I had to know more about who created this and just knew I would enjoy everything else this artist designed. His name is Tae Won Yu and he has designed everything from book covers, record covers, to posters. It even turns out I have seen his work for many years since he has created record covers for one of my all time favorite bands, Built To Spill. His work stands out to me with his choice of colors, illustration, typography, and how he combines letterpress with photography. Below are some of my favorite prints he has designed and can be found on Buy Olympia. I have also included his site to see more of his originals.

first image Yes! Letterpress Print

Elephant Stories by Tae Won Yu

Elephant Stories

We Can Send Letters by Tae Won Yu

We Can Send Letters Print

Built to Spill Perfect From Now On Print

Built to Spill Perfect From Now On Print

Summer Songs Print

Summer Songs Print


Tae Won Yu

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