Monday’s Makers: Last Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

DIY PaperCut Valentine's Cards I made

Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow you’re likely either: (a) worrying that you procrastinated too long to get a card for your loved one, (b) already selected your card, or (c) you’re not really into Valentine’s Day. I am (d) all of the above. I believe Valentine’s is a day to express your love to others rather than a day of gifts. It can be a bit over-hyped, what with all those Kay Jewelers commercials! However, I do enjoy the delicious chocolate and funny cards, especially the DIY cards. Even though tomorrow is Valentine’s Day there is still enough time for these fun and DIY card ideas below. Try one out!

first image from a Paper Cut Valentine’s Day Tutorial I created here.

Out of the Crayon Box

via How Does She? by Out of the Crayon Box

DIY Heartbreaker Valentines PDF by Dana Made It

via made (I am smitten with this PDF and tutorial)


Tic Tac Toe DIY Valentine's Cards

Cupid Heart DIY Valentine's Card

via Kaboose

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