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Showing Up

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I’ve been a little busy with various work projects this week, but I still wanted to make a point to write something inspiring for you all today. After all, the hardest part is showing up, right? There are many very good excuses reasons {work, stress, family, bills} that can hold us back daily from what we truly feel passionate about {writing, running, music, crafting, etc.}. We start to think, “well if I can’t give it 100% today I might as well wait until tomorrow”. But sometimes when you do that, tomorrow turns into next week and so forth. So I thought, even if I am very busy, tired, and not as inspired as yesterday I would still show up. Although it is extremely difficult to make the effort to show up in less than appealing circumstances, after doing so it makes you feel re-energized and stronger. After all, isn’t a small step better than none?  They add up in the long run 🙂

Success Looks Something Like This

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Only Way To Succeed

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Marilyn Monroe

Steve Jobs

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Get Excited

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Don't Be Afraid To Try

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Starts with a Try

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