Monday’s Makers: DIY Stationary

Poor Man's Letterpress via Giddy Giddy

The last few months I have been on a kick for finding the best stationary that fits my personality. One of my upcoming New Year’s Resolutions is to start writing more letters to friends and family rather than typing emails. Of course there are numerous designs I love, but my budget is getting in the way lately. Stationary can get quite expensive and I haven’t found the perfect set to commit to. I like both simple designs and also fun one sets that include a bit of quirkiness to them. Since I don’t believe I can purchase two sets and if I will even use it up, I thought I can try out some DIY stationary ideas first. I must admit I am loving the designs I have been creating from the ideas below. Even if you don’t follow these DIY models, they may give you inspiration for other ideas you haven’t thought of. Try it! 

Wedding Window via Carloe Liu

This is a great idea for creating polka dots using pencil erasers! There is no way of messing this up, and the less ink you use the better it looks {ends up looking a little like letterpress}. You can take this idea and use it to create other designs and not just polka dots.

DIY Polka Dot Stamps via Wedding Window via Carloe Liu


Teri Dimalanta of Giddy Giddy posted this amazing DIY letterpress stationary idea. I can’t wait to try next weekend!

Poor Man's Letterpress via Giddy Giddy

MaeMae Paperie

Invest in a great Initial Stamp and the possibilities for your personal stationary are endless! You no longer will have to choose between which color paper you want, because the stamp will never run out and paper is pretty cheap depending the quality you choose.

Initial Rubber Stamp via MaeMae Paperie

Via: Wedding Window, Carloe LiuGiddy GiddyMaeMae Paperie

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