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DIY Paper Flowers

Flowers are such a nice way to cheer up a room, and paper is such a versatile, inexpensive, potentially colourful and easily available medium. The key to paper flowers is finding a way of making them that is simple and straightforward enough that one can make an entire bouquet’s worth without it taking the entire day. Here’s one such method – cute, simple and quick.


What you’ll need


 -Paper-something fairly thin and lightweight. Book pages (like from an old dictionary or novel) work very well, and have a neat look.  Coloured printer-weight paper will also work, but don’t use anything heavier than that. Newspaper would probably work, and could         look rather nifty. You may want several different colors of paper, as well.


 -Small circle punch (about 1/2 inch) OR scissors, a pencil and something small and round to trace (a tube of  chapstick or lipstick would be about the right size)

-Pipe cleaners


 -Paper cutter OR ruler and scissors

Small sewing needle OR xacto knife (maybe-you may need it if you’re using slightly thicker paper, to punch the initial holes so you can push the brad through easily)


1) Start by cutting a whole bunch of paper strips ½ inch wide. They can vary in length, depending on how large you want your flowers to be. I did very small flowers with 4 inch strips, and medium sized flowers with 6 inch strips. You’ll need about 16 to 20 strips per flower.

Step 1

2) Use your circle punch (or trace a small circular object and cut out the shape) to create several small circles, one per flower. These will be the center of your flowers, so you might want to keep them all the same colour, or you might want to vary them. Because I made my flowers out of old dictionary pages, I added a splash of brightness by giving them different coloured centers.

Step 2

3) Push a brad through the center of each circle. Depending on the thickness of the paper, you’ll likely need to use a needle to poke a small hole in the center of the circle first, making it easier to push the brad through without crumpling the paper. Or you can use an xacto knife to cut a small slit.

Step 3

Step 3

4) Take a strip of paper and make it into a loop so that the ends overlap by about ½ inch.

Step 4

5) Squeeze the loop in half in the middle, so that the overlapping ends match up with the opposite side of the loop, and the whole thing looks like a number 8.

Step 5

6) Push the brad with the circle attached to it through the flattened middle of this loop. It should pass through the loop’s two overlapping ends and through the middle of the other side, holding the whole thing together.

Step 6

7) Repeat steps 4-6 with a second strip of paper, but put it at an angle to the first loop. Continue to repeat, filling in the gaps between loops with more loops, layering loops (petals) for a full-bodied flower.

Step 7

Step 7

8) When your flower is as full of petals as you desire, spread and flatten the brad’s arms on the underside of the flower, holding everything securely in place.

Step 8

9) Bend one end of a pipe cleaner into a U shape, and squeeze it underneath the outstretched arms of the brad.

Step 9

10) Bring the two sides of the pipe cleaner together and twist, securing it in place.





Step 10

Step 10

11) Lather, rinse repeat to make a whole bouquet!

Some other ideas:
Try mixing up different coloured strips to make a multi-coloured flower. Try wider and longer strips to get different sizes of flowers.

Paper Flower Bouquet


Paper Flower Bouquet


Thanks again Tally!
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