Monday’s Makers

Lucky Charms

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid Lucky Charms was the way I started my week. Now that I am older and my metabolism isn’t what it used to be I have now switched to greek yogurt and fruit ::yawn::.

Page Corner Bookmarks

I often go to Tally’s blog for some crafty inspiration. Every Friday she posts a new craft idea with tutorial. I wanted to share these bookmarks because they are so easy to make with her instructions and completely customizable. I love them for the book you’re reading and/or your organizer.

Page Corner Bookmarks


Victoria is the woman behind paper&type located in California. Not only is she an architect but a designer of beautiful paper goods. I really like these Please and Thank you postcards. I think they are fun and make you want to correspond by mail.

P-and-Q postcard duo

this year's flowers (a stationary set)

File Paper Wallet

Thought this was a funny cute idea for the paper lover from The Literary Gift Company.

File Paper Wallet

File Paper Wallet-Inside

Craft Planner

How great is this! A DIY planner idea solely for your crafts.

Craft Planner


Page Corner Bookmarks: nheilke


The Literary Gift Company

Craft Planner: FizzPopBang’s flickr


  1. Thanks for linking to my little monster bookmarks project! Glad to hear it’s being seen and enjoyed. I’ve just perused your blog and found some wonderful crafting inspiration and ideas myself, so thanks for that. 🙂


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