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Demistasee Jewelry

I first saw these pieces on Demoiselle and really thought they were fun. I understand the whole moustache trend might be too hyped now but I still enjoy a good moustache (sounds dirty). I love pieces that play with ordinary objects and make them extravagant with the materials used. They have all different necklaces using gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and also the more accessible gold plated versions (The Urban Demistache $38).

The Urban Demistache

The Daisy Demistache

Mello Press

It is a known fact, I love me some Mello Press. This is a shrine of mine, I kid I kid. I don’t actually leave it like that or do I? I came across Mello Press a few months ago and since then have loved everything Amanda creates. She took a chance and was one of the first Featured Artists on 8Balloons (here). Not only is her style great but her personality is as well. All in all she’s a cool girl and therefore I support all she does.

Mello Press shrine (I love the go! notebook)

The Journey Is The Destination (Southeast Asia) letterpress printed vintage map

Russel+Hazel Binders

These binders are my personal favorites. All the binders come in great colors and some in fabric. One day I will collect a wall like the one below. I don’t really know what I would fill it with to be honest. Maybe coupons like that crazy new show on TLC. Have you seen it? It’s nuts, they go to the grocery store and get $5,000 worth of groceries for 0 dollars! Do they know yogurt expires quickly?

Russel+Hazel Signature Binders

photo via Parcel Post

Russel+Hazel Black Signature Binder

My Soon to be Coupon Wall

Foxy Lady Bag

Holy Cuteness. Unfortunately it seems to be out of stock on ModCloth.

Foxy Lady Bag photo from Polyvore via ModCloth

bitter o’clock

I am a little upset I now just came across Kelli’s hats since it is summer. However, I don’t think that will stop me from wanting to buy one of these. Each crochet hat she designs is unique, and pretty with a kick ass feel too.

Cream and Sugar Flapper Beanie

Lavender Flapper Hat with Yellow Upcycled Felt Flower

Blue Curacao Crochet Beanie

Diptyque Paris Candles

I think everyone deserves one luxury candle. There’s just something about them…I have three favorites Henri Bendel’s (more affordable), Jo Malone, and Diptyque candles.

Diptyque Paris Tubereuse "Rouge"

Diptyque Roses

Henri Bendel Candles

Fig Scented

Henri Bendel candle bases

San Pellegrino Aranciata

To me, this drink is a better version of Orange Soda. I don’t know what I love more about it; the taste or packaging.

San Pellegrino Aranciata Sparkling Orange Beverage

Brew La La Bottle Opener

Why not!

Brew La La Bottle Opener

Type, Volume 1:A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles

There are two volumes, this being the first covering the mid-1800s, but most produced in the second half of the 19th century.  The second volume covers the period from 1900 to the mid-20th century. “Type offers a generous selection of pages from some of the most historically significant and largely forgotten typeface volumes.”



Demistasee Jewelry



Parcel Post



bitter o’clock


Henri Bendel

Barnes and Noble


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I’m flattered to be featured alongside such cool products. I’m going to check out more of Mello Press…that seems like something I’d really like!

    Did you know I’m on 20SB too? I’ll look for you on there! 🙂


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