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Valentine's Cards

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have never been one to completely buy into this holiday, but I do enjoy it. I probably enjoy this holiday for the sheer fact I love the color red 🙂 Any reason to be festive and wear it! This year I decided to make my loved ones cards. I took inspiration from the artists I have written about and also the friends I was making these cards for.

Let’s start with my boyfriend’s card! A couple of weeks ago we went to the Art walk in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. Next door to one of his friend’s studio, there was a Puppet Master shop. The guy who owns this establishment creates these puppets for numerous productions in the area and also around the states. I walked in and my eyes went straight to this one punk rock marionette. At the time it looked like just a doll, since it was not strung up. I fell in love, a weird love, but love none the less. I was truly trying to figure out how I was going to swing this purchase and paced outside for about an hour. While I was outside I was with a bunch of my boyfriend’s friends and finally told my boyfriend I was freezing and wanted to go back inside, he said wait and that’s when I turned to go back in and the Puppet Master walked out with the marionette strung up and walked over to me. A good amount of people gathered and watched me receive this “gloriousness”. He gave me a one-on-one lesson while everyone was watching. He also promised me that this marionette could make me $300 dollars at a kid’s party (I am still waiting on this ;)) Usually I am completely freaked by the idea of a puppet, but I am not with this one. It was a weird “need to have”, and apparently my boyfriend understood this. I never really get surprises so this was definitely a great memory and such a thoughtful gift from him. Either that or he is trying to make me have nightmares at night. I would like to let all of you know I have slept fine since having Babette, which is her name. Happy Valentine’s Day Jeremy!

We always joke about mustaches, so I thought I would incorporate these into his cards. I don’t like sappy cards; I like to make them fun!

Papercut Mustache Card

Mustache Card

For my friends, I just made a easy heart stencil and spray painted a bunch of cards. I might have killed a few brain cells in this approach.

Stencil Heart Card

For my mom, I used a button lying around and sewed the binding of the card.

I Sew Love You Card

I Sew Love You Card

Another card for Jeremy, I cannot express enough my love for Swedish Fish. I think people are starting to understand this, since every birthday and Christmas I receive a bunch of them.

Swedish Fish Card


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