The (not so) Organized Bride

Edward de Bono

“‘Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” – Edward de Bono

My established pattern involves burying my kitchen table under piles of wedding magazines and bridal etiquette books amid other wedding materials begging to be properly put away. I just can’t bring myself to put them away though. I have combed through these books and magazines, tearing out pages and dog-earing others, thinking I’ll do something with the beautiful images, but what? It was that question that haunted me each time I looked at that inspirational mess of papers and books. I knew I wanted to display them somehow so I could enjoy them and have my wedding ideas grow daily. Visual inspiration is something I need to keep me motivated. I’m not the type of person that can visualize possibilities without inspiration. My sister, Lauren, however, can look at an empty room, imagine all its possibilities and paint you a verbal picture. I lack that gift and as such I need to “see” my wedding. But since I wasn’t sure how to organize my pictures yet (surprise, surprise), I continue to collect them.
In addition to magazines and books, I check out online wedding sites and blogs for more color ideas, patterns, bridal gowns, flowers and so on. In the midst of my search I learned about the site called Actually I learned of this through Julie’s post “Stay Pinterested!” (Thanks Julie!) The site is self described as a social catalog service. “Think of it as a virtual pinboard — a place where you can post collections of things you love, and “follow” collections created by people with great taste.” Not only is it a visual board containing all things of your choosing, it’s also an organizational site that does the organizing for you (now we’re talkin’!)  and will benefit me when I am ready to put my pictures to work. For instance, if I choose to pin flowers on my virtual pinboard, then I can create a  “flower box” (no pun intended) for all flower inspirations. This organization will come in handy when I am ready to meet with a florist for the wedding. I just simply log on to my account, click the “flower box” and print all the flowers I want to show the florist. Although it sounds as though I have already started Pinterest, I do not have an account set up yet. I am anxiously waiting for my invitation to the site to be accepted. Yes, one must first request to be invited to the site before being able to make an account, part of its appeal, I think. Until then, I still have to deal with the mess on my table and with the inspiration of Pinterest guiding me, I will now fashion my own wedding inspiration board allowing me to let my creativity flow thus breaking my own established pattern and looking at this beautiful mess in a different way.

BlushingandSweet Inspiration Board

This site is just a feel-good website. It is another new discovery, but each time I go on I know I will leave it with a smile and encouragement. Luckily, this week they wrote the article, “Project: Inspiration Board.” This is a long the lines of what I would like to do with my pictures! I like how they incorporated fabrics and words as well…

Snippetandink Inspiration Board

Another great site! This one is about “Daily Wedding Inspiration.” They have a whole portion dedicated solely to inspiration boards which are categorized by Mood and Palette, check it out…


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  1. Love The (not so) Organized Bride. Also love links. I find myself getting lost in my love of links. (literally) I can spends hours perusing. So glad I was introduced to this site.

  2. Love the inspiration board..Great for you, big help! Would be beautiful to work around the article you showed me. Can’t say much here ..Shhhh! xox

  3. Love the new post. And Laur is so creative. She is your sis, you should put her to work!

  4. Good idea! Great way to put everything out there and look at the big picture…well, the big picture of little pictures…LOL.

  5. Go sistah!! I’ll do whatever ya need jus say the word. When can we go back to Ben Ven and look around to get more ideas?? Im excited!!

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