Stay Pinterested!

I adore the new site, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard and organizes all your likes into different boards. It basically acts as a digital visual board and takes out all the work for you! You can make it as random as you want, it is YOUR space. Whatever you find inspiring, Pin it! Pin anything and everything you find to be beautiful and inspiring on the web.Whether you use it for planning a wedding and staying organized, or just to keep all your inspiring finds in one place!

It can be addictive so beware…

I find it to work well with Etsy. Through Pinterest I have found many products I have liked and then went directly to the artist’s Etsy page. I will be sharing some of my favorite sites and buys found. Now only one last question, Are you Pinterested?

Be sure to add me on Pinterest and share all of your finds!

Scoutbooks is a site that custom makes pocket-sized notebooks out of recycled papers and soy inks. The best part about this site is that you can customized the notebooks with your own designs. This is great for me gifts! Their ready-made designs are adorable as well! Check out my favorite one.

Parliament by Scoutbooks



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