Creative vs. Craft

Merryl Magnuson is a weekly contributor on 8Balloons, sharing her journey of daily creatives from Noah Scalin’s book, 365: A Daily Creative Journal-Make Something Everyday and Change Your Life.

In the beginning of this Daily Creative Journal, I was having an inner struggle on where I thought this adventure was heading. Certain ideas were attainable, yet sometimes the final product was not what my original intentions were to be. This project has become such a wonderful outlet, why was I feeling frustrated? Almost instantly I became my own worst critic putting pressure and too much thought into the process. I inhaled the word creative and spun it into this synonym for crafting, finding myself confused on what was sitting right in front of me. What direction am I taking and why am I finding it difficult to make a decision?  I couldn’t just “do” my creative prompt.  The motivation was abundant but the jumping right in felt stalled.  I read Scalin’s message on how this was supposed to be a stress free, fun, small moment of my day and pretty much chose to ignore it. Until I re-read why he created this book in the first place and the break through happened. I was thrown into this parallel universe of the Creative vs. the Craft. My ideas were fighting my ability to construct.  This was all wrong. They coincide together and should work as a team. Having a creative idea is where the craft originates. So after taking all of this into consideration I threw my arms up took a deep breath and just worked. The heavy feeling was released and the next couple of prompts came easily, without any hesitation! I hope you enjoy this week’s batch!

Day 15: Use a dollar bill as your inspiration today. New readers and a bookmark for 6 bucks, beat that big chain bookstores :)

Day 15

Day 16: Use a potato/ sponge to create a stamp! 8 Balloons was my inspiration!

Day 16

Day 17: Make something that’s inspired by or goes over the eye! Mum mum mum mum p p p poker face!

Day 17

Day 18: Work with things you find in your car(or a friends.) Time was limited  today, although, I had enough earrings in the car for a mini chandelier 🙂

Day 18

Day 19: Create something that floats on water. Foam locket necklace. Give hope a chance to float up, and it will…

Day 19

Day 20: Use clay today! Separate pieces of clay rolled up here. It ended up pink and the perfect little pen holder on my desk.

Day 20

Day 21: Write a 10 word love story. You look good wearing my future.. I’ll take size forever.

Day 21

To see more of Merryl’s daily prompts follow her on instagram @ Merskies


Noah Scalin’s 365: A Daily Creative Journal-Make Something Everyday and Change Your Life


  1. Sometimes we are our own worst critic. But, I can honestly say I love the crafts you are doing daily! You are inspiring me to think outside the box by using different mediums as muses. The water picture is beautiful and I love that you used the potato stamp to create “8 balloons”, so cute! Thanks for the continued inspiration!

    • Thank you for the kind words Elizabeth! Since starting this project, I myself have opened the flood gates of seeing things in a completely different perspective. That sort of outlet is going to be fantastic with all of your wedding planning!!

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