All things paper!

For the past few months, I have found myself slowly but surely becoming obsessed with ALL things paper. I have scoured the web for anything and everything related to paper. Although our world continues to become digital, I still find our digital world cannot compare to:

  • a handwritten letter (rather than email)
  • a classic hardcover book (rather than e-book)
  • a great planner (rather than computer calendar)

Although I do also write numerous emails a day, purchase ebooks, and use Microsoft Office, I still cannot fully transfer over digitally. At this point I sound old, but I actually come from the Internet Generation. It just has never felt as innate as me holding a pen to paper. Does anyone else feel this way? Do you find yourself writing the best notes when writing on paper or typing it?

I want to leave you with my first and favorite purchase of 2011. The very coveted Laurel Denise 2011 Planner. Believe me, I spent months looking for the perfect planner and this is it!

2011 Planner!


  1. I hate electronic calendars & planners! Love this planner and the extra space it gives you to make additional notes. Thanks for posting!

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