So Taping Cute!

Japanese Washi Tape

When you first were learning how to wrap presents or anything for the matter, your mother would always tell you it was incorrect to have the tape showing. This was the case for me at least. To this day I am still awful at wrapping. I always wished I could be like my friends or Martha Stewart with their perfect wrapping and attention to detail. But I have now found the answer to my wrapping needs and all around tape needs. Meet my new infatuation, Japanese Washi Tape! I don’t necessarily know if it now makes it alright to show the tape on presents, but to me it does! Anything to give me a reason to use it. I just love the delicacy of these tapes and the cute patterns. I want to collect ALL of them or as much as one closet can hold. I also love Washi Tape for scrapbooking. It takes the need out of glue and adds more design to it. is my favorite site for all Washi Tapes. They also have the cutest drawing books and journals and carry all your needs for paper and other crafts. Cutetape is a must on your bookmarked sites.

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