417 PressI’ve been overwhelmed with the encouraging words of support for launching Blog Bar the past few days and have realized it only fuels me to work harder. So I thought about all the people I know and admire and how sending them some encouraging words can only fuel them as well. I think everyone could use support and why not send them a card with words of encouragement…even if they are funny.

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fineass lines Missy Elliot Card

OK, OK, if you’re reading this blog post you probably already understand (maybe even sympathize) that I have a really big obsession with all things paper. Truth be told I am constantly looking for new ways to incorporate paper into the daily lives of myself and everyone around me.

Enter: fineass lines. One day while searching for Missy “Get Ur Freak On” Elliott cards (don’t judge how I spend my downtime), I stumbled upon fineass lines. After laughing so much and relating to all the designs, I had to reach out to the designer herself, Sophia Elias. I realized quickly not only were her designs awesome but she’s pretty great too. Sophia’s illustrations and style are unique and her acerbic wit is infused in all of the designs. As she says, her drawings come from a childish, offbeat place in her mind. I asked her how she began and I just loved her story and genuine response.

She’s always been a doodler and finally decided this year to share them with others. She chose paper as the medium and went out and bought her first set of card stock, scanned her drawings, and started printing. She has gained a lot of fans through her work and what I enjoyed most about her story was her love for connecting with people when they respond to her cards and share how they relate. I can agree that feeling never gets old. I’m also pretty sure everyone will agree with me that I am so happy she chose to share her doodles with us fineass fans.

P.S. Sophia is giving all 8Balloons readers 15% off on purchases when you use the promo code: 8BALLOONS

fineass lines Thelma and Louisefineass lines Pinanta Birthday Cardfineass lines Romy and Michele Cardfineass lines Coffee Lover Cardfineass lines birthday cardfineass lines Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine Cardfineass lines Glasses Gang Card

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The Blog Bar Planner

For my fellow bloggers out there, I thought I would share Blog Bar’s weekly blog planner printable. It’s perfect timing too, with the beginning of the month upon us. I love everything about this design because not only are you able to organize your week ahead but the planner also helps to organize what you will be posting each day by product, shop, giveaways and much more!

Blog Bar is in the process of being built and is a community that helps bloggers connect with businesses so that they can find sponsorship, giveaway, and write-up opportunities. It’s a one-stop-shop for easy access to businesses, that you may not have had otherwise, simply by placing a profile of your industry/viewership and what you’re looking for. You will also be able to contact businesses as well.

Sign up here for your free weekly blog planner and please be sure to share your photos of how you use it with the hashtag #TheBlogBar so we can feature you!

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Personalized stationery is the perfect item for the stationery lover, as well as for everyday. After all, social preparedness is key! With a range of fonts and designs available, your stationery can truly be customized to reflect your personality.

Modern Pink Paper’s monogrammed stationery is oh-so-pretty, and you get to select your envelope color!  Designs range from more delicate to bold and contemporary.Modern Pink PaperModern Pink

What is it about laurels? Mint Afternoon’s calligraphy is simply gorgeous. In addition to lovely personalized stationery, this shop sells hand-carved stamps – a perfect accent to your snail mail.Mint AfternoonMint Afternoon Hello

LivvyPress offers up custom designed and hand printed cards. Can’t you just imagine these sitting atop your desk?LivvyPressLivvyPress Stationary

I can’t resist a good floral. These Mooseberry Paper Co. cards are calling my name.Mooseberry

This shop also offers up designs that would make for great thank you note cards for children to send out (encouraging snail mail at all ages).

Mooseberry Cat

Get your monogram on!

Andrea loves paper and all things stationary-related. A committed letter writer, she always pairs the perfect cards with her inimitable style. Continue to follow Andrea’s letter writing.


Jesse Spano I'm So Excited

My favorite style cards lately are pop-cultured themed. They’re just plain fun to give (or hoard to myself) for any occasion. Not to mention anyone can relate to them and they can even hold a sentimental value with it. Below are the designers changing the paper game up!

{image via Perks of Aurora}Lorde Card90210 CardTayhamsMissy ElliotfineasslinesMrs. DoubtfireMeet Me in ShermerMeet Me in Shermer
Amy Poehler Tina Fey Best Friend CardLetterquette

The Blog Bar

My Dear Readers,

I’m so excited to share with you my new venture, The Blog Bar. I initially started 8Balloons four years ago out of my love of all things paper and blogs. My background has always been with helping other startups create and build their own, so 8Balloons became my way to express my own creativity. What I quickly found was that it meant so much more. It was a community of bloggers and artists I quickly came to know and cherish so much. Two years ago I came up with an idea to help change the blogger community and to try and build a stronger platform. In developing these ideas I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of the most talented and special people that believed in me along the way. While these last two years have had some turbulence along the way, this time has taught me to fight harder, stay humble and learn as much as I can to perfect my idea. In the end, I hope to make these people that have inspired and encouraged me proud.

So what exactly is The Blog Bar you ask? In short, it’s a community that helps bloggers connect with businesses and vice versa to gain sponsorship, editorials and giveaways. So many businesses out there are in need of bloggers but they don’t know where to turn to seek a database. The Blog Bar also not only brings bloggers to businesses but is a community based on engagement and to help bloggers with all of their organizational needs so that they stay inspired and motivated to keep up with their passion.

I truly hope you’ll sign up so I can personally connect with everyone of you to find out your needs as I continue to build this for you in mind. When you sign up, I will be sharing a fun blog printable that I hope starts your week off bright!

I want to thank you all again for your support and future dedication to making our blog community the best it can be.



Truth Note

I’ve always been a big believer in giving a card “just because.” It can only bring a smile to someone’s face and hopefully some cheer to their day and possibly entire week. Here are some cards that bring a smile to my face.

{image via Grey Moggie Press}

Coffee DatePost Rider PressJust BecauseCreativity Cards
Love you honeyLT3Factory
You're BrilliantBenchpressed

luckyhorsepress Kiss Me Mettalic Braces Letterpress Card

I get to share the last bunch of Valentine’s Day cards today and although it may be to late to purchase them in time for Saturday, I think they can still end up being “Just Because” cards and who doesn’t love receiving an I love you card.

{first image via Lucky Horse Press}

Steve Jobs Valentines Day CardDiamond Donatello
fishcakedesign S'more Valentine's Day Cardfish+cakeDebbie Draws FunnyDebbie Draws FunnyWalk of Shame Letterpress Card417 PressRecord Player Valentine's Day CardPoster Rider PressCardsByAgneCards by Agne

Chrysanthemum Bouquet

It’s finally Valentine’s Day Week which gives me carte blanche to make this week’s posts “all things paper” from the perspective of cupid’s arrow. While I love all things cupid, I’m not into Valentine’s Day in the traditional sense of it being just about couples, but rather, I just love all things red and pink, fun decor and the chocolates. Did I mention chocolates? First up, paper flowers. Instead of fresh flowers, I wouldn’t mind receiving one of these, but with chocolate, be it wrapped in silver, in a cheesy heart-shaped box or…well, you get the point. Bring on the chocolate! Oh yeah, and paper flowers, too.

{first image via Minnagerie}pink paper flower bouquetlillesyterPaper Flowers BouquetFav Creations

90s Revival GirlWhile searching for 90s and early millennial nostalgia, I luckily stumbled upon the beautiful illustrations of She Can Lift A Horse. She Can Lift a Horse aka Nicole Wrobleewski, is an illustrator and portrait artist based outside of Detroit. She is an avid reader and has a soft spot for the girl heroines of middle grade fiction so it’s no surprise where the inspiration for many of her illustrations comes from. It’s also hard not to notice that she is a huge fan of The Gilmore Girls. The Gilmore Girls cards may be a favorite of mine and quite possibly what I was searching for, but I’ll never tell!

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