Yes, like many others in the blogosphere, I’ll admit I’ve fallen for the occasional foodie photos, but I try very hard to stay clear of that since there are many others who display enough of that. Rather, I prefer to share foodie favorites through letterpress designs. Instagram maybe inundated with food photos but you won’t find these awesome creations on Instagram! Personalize a card for the foodie in your life with these. I’m sure my friend Hetal over at Pretty Polymath would agree!

foodtruck letterpressPrinterette Presspaperlovely pressPaper Lovely LetterpressplumeandblotsPlume and Blotspink orchid pressPink Orchid Press
fishcake designfish+cakebenchpressedBenchpressed
carolyn drawscarolyndrawssparkvites burgerSparkvitestwo tone press 2Two Tone Pressnourishing notesNourishing Notes

When I think of design perfection, I think of my gal Holly, social media and brand ambassador for From her clothing picks to her impeccable music selection, she is a tastemaker in the truest sense of the word. And let’s not forget…no one sets a table better than this gal! (see Instagram). In short, Holly’s entertainment skills are always on point. Holly loves fall and when I say fall, I mostly mean anything pumpkin. So who better to ask to share fall favorites this week! Holly’s picks never disappoint and even though we see pumpkin everything around this time of year, once again Holly effortlessly shows her style through her picks that I have yet to see.As you’ll see below, Holly’s selections may “fall” into a different light, but still manage to evoke the mood of this festive season.

Williams Sonoma Spiced Pumpkin See Brittle BitesWilliams-Sonoma

Thank goodness these now come in small portions…. so truly delectable that you can’t stop.

Pumpkin Chai LatteDesign Love Fest

Ummm, yessss.Southern Tier PumkingSouthern Tier

I’m a sucker for pumpkin beer, definitely my favorite. The fridge stays stocked from August – Dec.  ;)West Elmwest elm

Stripes of pumpkin make for the perfect throw/shawl/wrap by the campfire.Shop Terrain Fresh Pumpkin Crateterrain

Heel kicks abound if this were to show up at my doorstep.curious hey booCurious & Co.

Because ‘hey, boo’, why wouldn’t you want this cuteness on your desktop?!?surya

Fall colors to perch upon, indoors or out.HozierHozier Vinyl

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Halloween only comes around once a year so it only makes sense to share more Halloween letterpress cards since there were too many favorites to feature last week. It was only right to share them while you could still get them for yourselves and enjoy!

pikestreetpress letterpress pumpkin cardPike Street Press

keva inkKeva Inkcreativelabshop halloween letterpressCreative Lab Press Stationary
vintageletterpress FrankensteinVintage LetterpressBlack Lamb BKBlack Lamb

The art of paper flowers – be they crepe, tissue or origami – continues to amaze me and I’m so glad it does for so many of the artists I admire. Every artist has a different take on them and that’s why I’ll never stop being a fan. Just like real flowers, the colors change for every season and these beautiful designs for fall are no different!

ToHaveandToHolderTo Have and To HolderA Little MerrimentA Little MerrimentScrappuchinoScrappuchinoBrackish Water ArtsBrackish Water Artsbrackish water artsOrigaMeFlowersOrigaMe FlowersFlowerBazaarFlower BazaarRogersPaperFancyRogers Paper Fancy

One of the main reasons 8Balloons was created, is to due my talented cousin Odessa Begay. For those unfamiliar with Odessa, allow me to introduce her: she’s an illustrator, surface designer and graphic designer. In fact, Odessa is the designer behind the original 8Balloons site (four years ago!)before she got too big for lil’ ol’ me! Odessa is the only cousin I have my age and some of my fondest memories growing up have been with her. Papyrus_Odessa Begay

Don’t get me wrong, we had our “quarrels” growing up. Even though we grew up worlds apart, as adults we are as close as could be and have the same passions. I’m her biggest fan, not just because she’s family but because she’s done amazing work for some of the sites and companies I’ve been an admirer of for numerous years. To see her achieve the level of success she has is such a proud moment for me personally. So you could imagine when this paper-loving blogger found out Odessa created a “Thank You” card for Papyrus, it was so exciting! It’s so fitting to give “thanks” to people you love during this season.

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I must admit I’m a hoarder of notepads. To me they can all serve a different purpose so why not have a few on hand. Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, this has been my logic for far too long. As a result, I’ve managed to amass (many) more than I’d care to admit to. Their beauty alone sometimes makes it difficult for me to even use. Typical things I look for in a notebook are quality of paper, how smooth will my thoughts transpire from pen to paper and of course, clean aesthetics. Below are a few of my Go-To’s:

papersource donut notebookPaper Sourcequeeniescards_photo_notebook-lightbulb_product_1-510x378queenie’s cards
Paper NotebookPaper NotebookSugar Paper NotebookSugar PaperSept Couleur NotebookMaruman Sept CouleurKate Spade NotebooksKate Spade via See Jane Work

Yes, 8Balloons is all things paper, but every so often I love to share my everyday favorites and weekly experiences that keep me inspired and that I just enjoy!Kid IcarusWriting my best friend a Smitten Kitten Card with my favorite Le Pen
California Ave Heart Shaped Ear CuffI received this beautiful gold heart-shaped ear cuff from my friend Cristy of California Ave.
Turks and CaicosOPI Pink Flamenco nail polish worn in Turks and Caicos this week
Turks and Caicos BeachWest Bay Club, Turks and Caicos
Laura Mercier Bonne MineLaura Mercier’s amazing bonne mine blendable palette. Best part, 100% of proceeds go to The Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund WWW.LMOCF.ORG

Being an admire of all things paper, its only natural that I am a type enthusiast as well. To sum typography up in the easiest way, it is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language most appealing. You may love inspirational prints with quotes, but it is not necessarily the quote that makes the print appeal to you but rather how the artist arranged and designed the type. I have so many favorite typographers and it’s hard not to share one at a time but I wanted to introduce you to the many artists I have come to respect.

Out of the Blue 2

Xavier Casalta, a graphic designer in France who uses a stippling technique to produce beautifully detailed lettering and illustrations.

Out of the Blue

Joshua Harris also known as The A Board Dude, an extremely talented graphic designer I first started following on Instagram for his merging of smart humor and design on numerous business boards.

Feel GoodDo GoodCreativityG Unit

Nicole Arnett Phillips of Typograph.her is an all around awesome designer with her background coming from editorial and book design.

out of sorts

I’ve been a fan of Hartland Brooklyn for quite sometime, not only for its quality but for the beautiful illustrations with soft punches of color and of course humor. It’s not hard to see why their line is expanding into stores like Anthropologie and Paper Source. Heck, If I were a card, I’d want to be a Hartland Brooklyn card. It’s basically my spirit animal :) I’ve had the opportunity to get to know a little bit about the founder, Emily Johnson and she hasn’t disappointed. She’s like her cards: super sweet, humble, pretty and funny. I was honored that she agreed to a Q&A with 8balloons and here it is: Hartland Brooklyn

What led you to create Hartland Brooklyn in the first place? Did you ever think you would experience the kind of demand that you’ve seen to-date?

I was always illustrating and doodling, but never knew how to make a career of it. I fell into fashion design, and the lessons I learned from working in this field were so important. From small companies selling at market week, shipping product, building line sheets, and organizing seasonal collections, the experience was incredibly valuable.

I was working in an office in mid-town manhattan, and the girl who made the office birthday cards moved back to England. I was given the task, and made a few for coworkers, then started to get special requests for husbands, family members. There were a few changes in my office, and I became unhappy with my job situation so would distract myself by drawing in my cubicle. With some encouragement from colleagues, I looked into how I would reproduce the hand drawn feel and quality of my card.

I got together a small collection and brought it to the beautiful shop, Papel, which was around the corner from my apartment. She purchased a few, and this is where someone from Anthropologie found my card. I couldn’t dream up everything that happened after that.

Your illustrations are simply beautiful but without me interpreting your style, how would you describe it?

First of all, thank you! I would describe my illustrations as fun and graphic, with pops of neons.


What are your favorite colors to work with?

A muted palette with pops of neon! (pink and red)

Where do you get your inspiration from? Is it from people, experiences, or just things you see out in the world?

I get my inspiration from day to day life. I recently went through a food phase of cards. I also went through a plant phase (which may be from growing up around so many flowers). When I traveled to California and went camping, I designed the “camp postcard set”.

It has to be something that I would want to send, or I sometimes have a particular use in mind. I love that greeting cards don’t have to be so serious, and you’re sending a little happiness.


With the plethora of different art mediums out there today, why did you choose paper?

I love that it’s so small! It’s also recyclable and inexpensive so you don’t have to feel bad about scrappying an idea and starting again. I love that there is a graphic and textual element. It’s also available to people in all walks of life. There isn’t anyone who can’t afford a $5 card, which doubles as a tiny piece of art.

It was the phrases on your cards (for example, “You’re a little slice of heaven”) that initially caught my eye. Do you start with a phrase and then create from there or is it vice-versa?

That quote for the pizza card took a week or two to choose! It had to be something unique, but also something that would resonate with the sender. I knew I wanted to make a pizza card but I couldn’t seem to find the right sentiment. It finally came to me, and was a phrase that I would want to send. Usually the art comes first, then the words, but for cards such as “I love you a yacht” that was an idea that came from the phrase.

Do you ever feel “artists block?” How do you get over it?

Not especially. If I’m feeling uncreative, I do one of my many other tasks that need to be done that day.  It’s never good to push creativity, it should come naturally. I’ll pack wholesale orders, tidy the office, or maybe take a walk. I actually get most of my new ideas on the subway or Amtrak train, because it is the only place where I am forced to sit uninterrupted.rollwithme

Do you use paper more so than online communication in your personal life?

Oh I wish! I just sent out all my thank you notes, which was really nice. I have started to send more birthday cards (I feel there is so much pressure now!). But texting is still just too easy.

I discuss artist’s “creative spaces” a lot on the blog, can you describe yours and how you like to keep it?

I just moved out of my home office. It was kind of insane, in a tiny NYC apartment. But our new space is clean white, and I keep adding more and more plants. I am trying to find the perfect place for my neon sign, and then there are shelves and shelves of boxes of cards…. spaces can get pretty full pretty fast!Birthday-Dot-with-Arrow

What is your favorite card you have received? Do you keep all the ones you receive?

I got married in July, and with that comes cards! One memorable one was from one of my favorite brands, the Great Lake Goods. Her stuff is so great! I also bought myself some cards from Sycamore Street Press because I am in love with their indigo printed cards with copper foil. I have one of hers by my bed.

But otherwise, I don’t keep my cards! I am trying to keep my space as minimal as possible. Unless something is really really special, I’ll try and keep the memory not the thing!

I’m a huge fan of a great printable, but even I know they can become a little repetitive with the same themes. All that changes during this time of year, with Halloween themed printables. After all, it’s only once a year you can decorate with black and orange for Halloween so why not go all out and celebrate this fun holiday. Whether it’s just a desk printable or decorations for some spook-tastic festivities, they are the easiest and most inexpensive way to decorate. Here are a few of my favorites this year.

Candy Corn Printablesvia live laugh roweBoo Tiliciousvia Design Eat RepeatSkullsvia Persia LouTreat Boxesvia Tried & TrueBoo Glassesvia Mr. Printablesmasksvia Mr. Printablesbag o'bonesvia Mr. Printables