It has been awhile and I am so excited to be back! With so many projects going on and a little makeover to the site, it’s fair to say it has been too long. There is just so much to share so I thought I would ease my way into our new space with some of my favorite paper finds I have come across in the last few weeks. Since I haven’t posted in a month (or two sshh!), you can imagine how they have piled up! So I will make this short and just get right into it.

I found this vinyl notebook (amongst other things I will share later) at Dope Sauce while visiting family in San Diego. My two favorite things: music and paper, sold! Great store and now online here.

While visiting Seattle, I found the most beautiful hand bound journals by the sweet San Nicolas. Visit her Facebook page here.
Probably the best card I have ever smelled by Scratch Off Greetings. Check out Angela and her awesome cards because who doesn’t adore a lovely smelling card?
Lastly, it came to my attention I never shared my AMAZING birthday cake with everyone. Yes, I have a special place in my heart for Wu and was surprised with this beautiful cake on my birthday.

P.S. I have missed you!

pantone card

These past few months I have been traveling a little more than usual and I have met some wonderful people along the way. Many of these folks have been involved with letterpress or fun shops that I would love to share in the future and during my conversations, most of them have all asked if I had a business card to share—and dreadfully, I’ve had to answer no. Designing business cards has been something that I have had on my to-do list for quite awhile now, and I have recently found the perfect person to execute this! I cannot wait to share what my mystery business card guru creates with me, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out. In the meantime, here are a few creative letterpress business cards for inspiration.

first image via via Lovely Stationary by James Prunean

ombre card

via Fabien Barral

bus card

via Design Work Life by Moglea

foil bus card

via CardObserver by Look and Do It



I have never been much of a “traditional” Valentine’s Day enthusiast. My favorite parts of the “holiday” have always been the candy hearts and playful cards, which I may or may not receive, depending on how I netted out that year. Remember elementary school Valentine’s Day parties when the kids would drop cute cards in our cubbies? Each year, there was a guarantee that we would receive a card—my how things have changed! I don’t believe you have to spend much on this day for your loved ones but of course, I believe in sending a thoughtful card. You know me, any reason I can give a beautiful card, I will! Here are my favorite Valentine’s Day picks to start fostering some love in the air—more to come throughout the month.

first image via Ink Meets Paper

Drunk Vday

via McBitterson’s


via Hartland Brooklyn


via Vandalia Street Press


via PalettesCO

January Calendar

Typically, I start each month by featuring a few organizational tools that can easily be printed to start the month off on the right foot. However, with several side projects pulling me in a variety of directions, it took a little longer for me to share this time around. Maybe if I took my own advice and had these tools on-hand, I would have planned better—lesson learned on my end. I hope you enjoy the below as much as I do—and if you do love them, feel free to visit Carolyn and I’s Pinterest board here for more downloadable delights.

first image via The elli Blog

food journal

via sissy print

recipe cards

via design eat repeat


via aedriel


Nothing stirs my holiday cheer each year more than picking my favorite letterpress holiday cards to share with the most important people in my life. At this point, it’s almost expected that they’ll receive a beautiful card which, of course, puts no pressure whatsoever on me (wink). Although finding that perfect holiday gift can sometimes be painstaking and difficult on budgets, personalizing something special to share with those you love is important.

That’s why I love sending a unique, beautiful card that serves as a gift in itself! Here are some of my picks from my favorite shops that I have personally bought from for my family and friends. Ssshhh don’t tell. Just like Santa, I know whether you’ve been naughty or nice.

Spofford Press

I first found Eric Hoffman and his shop via Instagram—and I’m so glad I did because his talent is only surpassed by his passion for letterpress. For those of you now in the know, my favorite pick is the Christmas Lights Card above.


via Spofford Press

Cherry Laurel Studio

My mom’s favorite holiday movie is A Christmas Story, so I had to buy this card by  Cherry Laurel Studio.


I adore this card by DeLuce Design and can’t wait to give it to my friend’s little ones.


A very cute card for my little cousins by Fat Bunny Press.


For the foodies in your life by Echo Letterpress


Looking forward to giving this card by McBittersons Shop to all my guy friends. They all loved it last year.

Hartland Brooklyn

My girlfriends loved this dainty card I gave out last year by  Hartland Brooklyn.










In case you can’t tell by now, Fall is my favorite season and it has finally arrived, along with all of the accompanying holiday fun! This is the time of year when I start sharing and collecting seasonal cards including not only Christmas and Hanukkah, but also Halloween! To me, Halloween represents fun, creative and crafty inspirations, and cards are a great way of continuing that tradition. Here are a few of my favorites and remember, it’s not too late to buy and share with your friends!

{first image via Black Heart Letterpress}

Trickr Treat
Halloween cards
zombie 2
Trick or Treat
Franken Card

Fall Monogram

There’s nothing I love more than starting the week with motivation and intention–and, of course, fun printables I can use if I hit a mundane moment. Instead of a “case of the Monday’s,” make Monday the new “fun day” with these new Fall-inspired printables below.

{first image via girl wife mom}

Happy Fall

via Pen & Paint

October Goals

via Secret Owl Society 


via Hailey Cheyanne

Two RubiesI am always excited to see stationary cards, whether I’ve seen the same ones several times over or it’s a new design. So you can imagine my excitement when I was introduced to the brand new stationary line, Two Rubies. Two Rubies is the brainchild of the ever creative Carolyn Rubenstein. It sets itself apart from other stationary lines with its high quality notecards featuring gold foil coupled with a whimsical message. As if that weren’t enough, each card doubles as a treasured keepsake you can reuse. Each card has a detachable piece that can be cherished everyday. As Two Rubies says so perfectly, it is the LBD of stationary and I love a great LBD!

You can visit the shop on Two Rubies or Etsy!






The middle of the week could be daunting for a lot of us. We are either consumed with work, school, or a very long to-do list that only makes us crave the upcoming weekend even more than usual. To help alleviate this daunting feeling, I try to stay in the moment and remind myself of the enjoyable times the past month, especially the last few days so far amid the chaos. When I do this, I realize that there is a lot I am grateful for and hey, it’s only Wednesday!

{first image via HighExistence}

Two Rubies Package

the most beautiful package I received from Two Rubies! More to come on this line soon…


Donna from Salon Edge made me a happy girl with this ombre gel manicure. She’s so talented and creative!

nails 2


Left over eggs we decided to use to create Easter eggs again, because why not!

jelly beans

The best package ever received. I was gifted 10 lbs of my favorite kind of jelly beans, Very Cherry! Anyone want some?


I had the opportunity to help out with a great organization called Vital Flight for their Special Kids Day. Vital Flight is dedicated to flying individuals with compassionate, humanitarian or medical needs for free. Sponsors and pilots volunteered their time and gave over 100 children 20 min plane rides that otherwise would not have had the opportunity to experience with their families. It was a wonderful day and I cannot wait to volunteer again with Junior League. Learn more about Vital Flight and how you can help here.


June is almost here and I always like to start the month prepared with a few new productivity tools. Although I never end up using all of them straight through the month (kinda like diets ladies), I still enjoy adding them to the mass collection. Here’s to a great week ahead!

{first image via Idlized}


via Pretty Unpretentious

To Achieve

via The Organised Housewife