Every now and again, I like to send my fella a little love note to let him know that he is appreciated. While he doesn’t seem to notice my washi tape adorned envelopes (le sigh), he does appreciate the sentiments held within and has been known to keep a card on display for a few weeks. I like to think that even the non-sentimental type appreciates a good card. Here are my picks for letting your significant other know that you think s/he’s the bee’s knees.

fishcake designFishcake Design Studio




Dear Hancock

Paulaand Waffle

Paula & Waffle


writtenindetailWritten in Detail



Hello! Lucky Cards

I’ve always been someone that has a lot of fight in her and it’s not easy for me to give up, but I’m human and have moments of uncertainty. What am I fighting for? Will this work out? Should I give up? What am I doing? I want to believe I am not alone in these thoughts. I think we have all felt this kind of uncertainty at one point or another. Even the most successful people have had these thoughts, but what makes those people different, is that they never listened to them. They kept going. We all have friends and family working towards something right now – career, family, marriage, and everything in between. You may not know the struggle they are going through because it may not show, and maybe they are doing great wi it too! Whichever it is, send them an encouraging note, let them know they got this, their fight is worth it, it is noticed, and it is inspiring.Live Love StudioLive Love Studio
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Over the past four years, I have been lucky enough to connect with so many like-minded, creative and talented artists and snail mail lovers. I cannot express enough my passion for this community and my love of these people I am lucky enough to call friends. They continue to push me to fight hard for all the passion projects I work on – because of them – these projects  are coming to fruition. This past year, I took a stab at designing my own cards, as I continually have my own ideas that I like to design and give to my family and friends. I decided to open up and share the designs on Etsy and with friends (not stating they were mine as this is a personal project) and I was overwhelmed with the response. I love designing under Cardrella And Daville.  With my startup, The Blog Bar, I am not in control of all aspects, and I am waiting to see what happens. But with designing these cards, I am able to express my idea, design it, produce it and immediately see a response. So check out my slightly gangster tasting cards, and let me know your thoughts!

Mos Def Cardrella And DavilleCardrella_and_Daville UnicornBirthday Cardrella And DavilleFly AF Cardrella And DavilleFantastical Unicorn Cardrella And DavilleLove You Cardrella And DavilleDouble Tap Cardrella And DavilleUniverse Cardrella And DavilleYaaass Cardrella And DavilleDrake Cardrella And DavilleMazel Tov Cardrella And DavilleThank You Cardrella And Daville

It’s a fact, Drake Rules Everthing Around Ladies. If it’s not Beyonce my ladies are listening to, it’s Drake. Here are just a few ideas of cards to give your Drake obsessed friends to hold them over until his next album or until he gives them a call himself!

Drake Cardrella And DavilleCardrella And DavilleDrake Diamond DonatelloDiamond DonatelloFineAss lines DrakeFineAss LinesDrake Nocturnal PaperNocturnal Paper

So, I secretly love pink flamingos. I have had a set of plastic flamingos in storage for an inordinate amount of time – they will one day be placed in my garden. The pink plastic flamingo is an American kitsch classic, created by the recently deceased Don Featherstone in 1957 – millions of these lawn ornaments have been sold. Madison, Wisconsin even named the plastic bird the official bird of the city! Today’s post is a tribute to the pink flamingo, which continues to enjoy icon status and grace everything from lawns, to stationery.


Amelia Herbertson’s botanical-inspired art is so very pretty. This Sydney, Australia-based artist paints using watercolor and gouache, creating gorgeous cards and art prints with intricate details.


This Sesame Letterpress card is lovely in its simplicity – a great way to send gratitude. This boutique design and letterpress shop in Brooklyn, NY, does custom work including social stationery. Their card line is to-die-for, vintage in feel with a strong aesthetic.

il_570xN.804799746_o239How bright and fun is this August & Oak card? The mix of florals, fruit and flamingos is perfect. This Charlotte, North Carolina-based paper company features a line of gorgeous cards.


It’s a flamingo party! Pink and party hats = fun. Amelie Legault is an illustrator for Montreal, Quebec whose line of cards and prints features animals in party hats, cycling and dancing.


A glittery flamingo from Terlie Design Co. features a die-cut layer of card stock mounted over sparkly stock. Designer Roxy hand crafts cards and this line features ice cream, rainbows and more.





I have been so fortunate to have built a wonderful circle of talented friends around me, including my fabulous fellow blogger friend, Erin Wiggle. I adore Erin and her lifestyle blog including everything from her favorite Florida spots, cocktails, and clothes, lots and lots of clothes. However, Erin shares a little obsession with paper like myself, and she is the go-to gal for all things planner. I asked her to share her favorite planners, so take it away E!

In this age of technology, there is something refreshing about using a good old fashioned paper planner versus a digital calendar. Planners have come a long way from the boring traditional spiral bound agendas. Many brands are creating attractive and modern versions that offer customized sizes and layouts for keeping track of busy schedules. Here are some of my favorite planner options.

{first image via ban.do}Kikki.Kkikki.KDay DesignerDay DesignerGet To Work BookGet To Work BookFilofaxFilofaxKate SpadeKate Spade

Continue to follow Erin here:

noths-straight-12_1024x1024I was first introduced to Prickle Press by my dear friend Sarah who adores stationery as much as I do. Currently living in the UK, she sends me cards made locally – what a treat! I love Prickle Press designer Rachel’s diverse style. Her letterpress cards include designs featuring pretty script, bright, bold, wood type as well as whimsical, charming cards that are rather punny.


You were given an Adana letterpress some years ago. Had you been drawn to letterpress prior to receiving this first press? What about letterpress appeals to you?

I have always loved stationery, especially paper and pens and snail mail. I could spend hours in stationery shops just stroking paper! I thought the tactile nature of letterpress would be something I would appreciate and so I thought I would give it a go. I was right – the impression the press leaves is beautiful but the amount of work it takes to make a perfect impression was a shock! It took me a few months to get to grips with the equipment but as soon as I did, and I saw my own designs come to life on the press I was hooked!


I really like the wooden type that you use on some of your cards. Why have you decided to use wooden type?

I have a few sets of type and I have found my favourite is a one-inch wooden set of condensed Gill. The wood has been slightly damaged over the years, which leaves little imperfections on the page and the wooden type just leaves a less precise and more mottled effect than the metal type or polymer plates. It looks more “letterpressed”, which I, and customers, seem to like.

Can you tell me a bit about your design process? I’m interested both in some of your design inspiration as well as the technical process of converting the designs into letterpress plates.

My inspiration comes from all around me. I’m inspired nature, by people, by other artists and designers, by London and my own life and experiences. I am driven by a desire to make beautiful, but also meaningful work. I am passionate about creating cards and other stationery to encourage people to express themselves. Sometimes all you need is a new pen or a beautiful card to help you on your way to cheering up someone else’s mailbox. I can’t think of anything better to be part of than that connection between people. I’m always inspired by people and their needs, be it an engaged couple wanting to kick off their wedding celebrations with the first moment: the stationery being sent out, or just someone sending a little card to a friend. I try to think of all the scenarios I would need stationery for and create something I would feel proud to send and share. Once I’ve drawn up my ideas, I scan them, separate each colour into a file and then turn them into black and white images, which I send to a plate maker. I get in return a polymer plate for every colour in the design, which I then stick to a metal plate, ink up and print, one by one. It’s a long process!


Please complete this sentence: Snail mail is…

Snail mail is the most meaningful and memorable way to express your love and affection for someone else.

Please tell me a bit about a particularly memorable piece of mail that you received.

I couldn’t pick one. I have a box full of letters and cards I have received over the years and every now and again I go through the box and am amazed at the letters, what was going on in my life or someone else’s at the time. It’s like travelling back in time. The box is like a summary of my life.


What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on my brother’s wedding invitations! Him and his fiance have great style and are looking for something really eye-catching and they’ve hired me, which I’m delighted about. There’s a little more pressure when it’s family but I am sure I’ll come up with something they’ll love. It will most likely be a combination of watercolour and letterpress.


With so many of my friend’s birthdays coming up in the next few weeks, I had to start scheming now on which one’s would be best. If you haven’t guessed it already, people expect me to give unique cards on every occasion, no pressure whatsoever. Trying to come up with a unique card for so many friends and different personalities will take some time so here are just some ideas without giving away what they are receiving.

rbprinteryR&B PrinteryMasha DyansMasha DyansDiamond Donatello DrakeDiamond Donatellofineasslines LudacrisfineasslineskissandpunchKiss and Punch


Hartland Brooklyn

Here at 8 Balloons, we’re serious about our stationery and paper love. We’re also pretty serious about our love of frozen treats – ice cream, gelato, popsicles – we love ’em all. There’s nothing better to cool you off on a hot summer day. Check out our round up of cards inspired by delish cool eats.

Print Smitten is a Pennsylvania-based design studio featuring printables and greeting cards for all occasions. Check out these sweet cards, starring ice cream cones.



Best thing to do on a summer evening? Go for ice cream of course. Cynla Cards & Design has it right!


I love the WarrenTales aesthetic, and designer Lindsey Warriner’s clever and punny sense of humour.



Printerette Press is a Minneapolis-based design studio that features gorgeously designed, bright, fun letterpress. This card is perfect for a fab friend or special someone.


Tiny Gang Designs serves up way cute cards – this trio of ice-cold popsicles is sure to bring a smile to someone’s face.



I may not enjoy the heat summer brings, but I do love the activities it brings with friends. BBQs, beach days, and outdoor weekend brunches. I’m sure you have a friend or two who’s all about brunch and these cards are a perfect way to personalize a friendship card.

A La CardeA La CardeBrown Parcel PressBrown Parcel PressRhubarb Paper Co.Rhubarb Paper Co.Grey Moggie PressGrey Moggie Press