I Almost Pass(ed) Over These Easter Cards! I saved the best for last. My favorite shops stepped up their game this year continuing the creativity and laughs when it came to Easter and Passover. How could anyone not smile if they received one of these!

Nocturnal Paper Wu Tang EasterNocturnal Paper Kim Easter

Nocturnal PaperDiamond Donatello EasterDiamond Donatellolicorice whip shop peep cardLicorice Whip Shop PassoverLicorice Whip

I’m so excited that Egg Press and Hello!Lucky are doing their Write_On campaign again! Now in its second year, Write_On is about writing 30 letters in 30 days, during the month of April – National Letter Writing Month. In addition to inspiring and encouraging people everywhere to write letters for a full month, Egg Press and Hello!Lucky have come together to offer everyone who signs up four gorgeous letterpress cards. As if that weren’t enough, Sakura of America has donated 5,000 pens for the Write_On kits. Signing up is easy – just click here. Need a little writing inspiration? Click here.

Last year, I took part in Write_On and loved seeing all of the snail mail being sent as I shared my own progress and followed others on Instagram.  On days when I needed a little extra motivation, I was sure to find some from fellow letter writers. I sent letters and cards to celebrate occasions, to tell people I was thinking of them, and sometimes, for no reason at all. (Snail mail is always sure to brighten a recipient’s day – so why not?) When I found out Write_On was happening again, I promptly signed up for my kit, spread the word, and contacted the fabulous folks at Hello!Lucky to ask a few questions. Here are their answers:write_on_square

Q: Did you find yourself sending mail before starting the Write_On challenge? What inspired you to create Write_On and commit to 30 days of letter writing?

A: We found ourselves struggling to find reasons to write and caught ourselves falling short when it actually came time to sit down and write a meaningful letter. Tess from Egg Press approached us with the Write_On challenge in honor of National Letter Writing Month as a way to reconnect with good old-fashioned letter writing. It was a challenge we couldn’t refuse!

Q: What did you learn over the month of Write_On – either from your own correspondence or from the various people online who undertook the challenge?

A: The most valuable lesson learned during this (surprisingly) challenging month was that letters aren’t just for life’s grand achievements or a specific thanks, but rather for the smaller less obvious reasons—these are often the best.write_on_styled5

Q: More than 2,000 people took part in the challenge last year, which is amazing! What would you hope to see happen this year during Write_On?

A: Double that and more! We’d love to see more engagement as well—people sharing their triumphs and their struggles.

Q: It’s fantastic that Sakura has joined with you on Write_On. What excites you about having this addition?

A: Writing in neon! There’s nothing more inspiring. But really, just that one of our old favorites has decided to team up with us :).write_on_tabletop

Q: Why is letter writing important? How do you see handwritten correspondence as different from e-mail?

A: E-mailing is great because of its convenience, but there’s something so special about the process of letter writing—Because it is a process, it is more thoughtful.

Q: What are some memorable items you have received in the mail?

A: Anytime we receive a letter from a fan we are so thrilled. It’s the ultimate form of flattery!

I hope you’ll be joining me and taking part in Write_On. I’ve been writing a letter a day since January 1, 2014 and campaigns like Write_On encourage me to keep sending snail mail and to continue connecting with people near and far via the written word.

Photos courtesy of Egg Press and Hello!Lucky

Both my creative partner-in-crime, as well as my cousin, Odessa Begay and I collaborated on this design to hopefully inspire all of you on whatever goals you have and are working to achieve. This is a saying I live by and I was lucky to have Odessa’s artistic touch to create it. I’m such a fan of her work not just because she is my cousin but because her illustrations have always resonated with me.

And let’s face it, I’m a paper blogger and one of her designs is now a Papyrus Card. Hello! It’s only that much sweeter I get to collaborate with not only the best but I also get to call her family. I hope this illustration and quote fills you with as much inspiration as it has with us.

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Accordingly to the calendar, spring is here. Although I know not all places are warm yet at least hope is finally here! Here are some warm thoughts to my friends in colder climates to cheer them up and remind them that warmer weather is (hopefully!) on its way soon.

Thimble PressThimblepress
made for joy designs springMade for Joy DesignsJamie Shelman SpringJamie ShelmanLily and ValLily & ValMa and Pa StudioMa & Pa Studio

Meet Joe and Coleen.  Not only are they a hilarious couple, they are also the creators of PaperFreckles. When they’re not making me laugh on a daily basis with their comments on daily musings on Instagram, they are creating greeting cards packed with snarky humor.  As they admit, their original plan was to create custom wedding invitations and logos for small businesses.  However, Joe and Coleen quickly discovered they did not enjoy creating custom wedding invitations and logos for small businesses. Thankfully for me (and all of us, really), Joe and Coleen decided to pair Joe’s sarcastic and humorous illustrations with Coleen’s innately wicked sense of humor to create PaperFreckles. However, I’m sure if you wanted a not-so-socially -ppropriate wedding invite, they would think about it.

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anya-hindmarch-stickered-up-a4-two-way-journalAnya Hindmarch JournalStella McCartney Falabella BagSteStelllla McCartney Falabella BagSugar lip balmSugar Lip BalmLa Familia Green Ethan Hawkes Paul Rudd CardLa Familia GreenPeepsPeep Season

Spring is in the air! After a long, cold winter, I can’t wait for warmer temperatures and budding flowers. As Toronto, Ontario thaws out and the snow melts, I’m happy to settle for gorgeous paper florals. Here’s a few ideas to brrighten someone’s mailbox with a little piece of spring!

Amelia Herbertson’s Botanical Inspired Art + Stationery is simply delightful. Her botanical cards and prints are painted using watercolour and gouache.

Amelia Herbertson HelloAmelia Herbertson Flowers

Based in Austin, Texas, Happy Cactus Designs offers up loads of charming greeting card choices. Their floral cards are distinct in style, bright and cheerful.

Happy Cactus BirthdayHappy Cactus Happy Birthday CardHappy Cactus Thank You

Gold foil and floral – truly a perfect match. Once Upon A Time Design & Press Studio pairs the two with gorgeous results.Once Upon a Time Design & Press Studio

A children’s illustrator from the San Francisco Bay Area, Pamela Goodman creates sweetly painted illustrations. I really like her aesthetic – check out her animal cards as well!
Pamela Goodman Thank You CardPamela Goodman Thank you

As you can see, Andrea loves paper and all things stationery-related. A committed letter writer, she always pairs the perfect cards with her inimitable style. Continue to follow Andrea’s letter writing.



OhGoshCindy Wednesday Adams CardMy favorite cards right now happen to be pop-cultured themed and finding unique approaches to them. I recently came across Oh Gosh, Cindy! and found just that. Her pop-culture watercolours are absolutely beautiful and range from characters such as Cher from Clueless to Liz Lemon of 30 Rock. Her shop includes not just cards, but art prints, jewelry, shirts and phone cases that I have to get my hands on. The only issue I now have is do I buy a WednesdayAdams or Mrs. Doubtfire print?Mrs. DoubtfireLiz Lemon CardRegina George Mean Girls PrintOhGoshCindy iPhone Case

Shop Madz Peep Card

With Easter approaching, did you really think I would just share one set of Easter cards? Of course not! There are just too many beautiful designs to settle on one post. And for those of you who don’t celebrate Easter, chances are that you probably at least celebrate “Peep Season” and the gooey marshmallow yumminess of those pastel-colored chickens and bunnies. Next to my beloved jelly beans, peeps are my springtime go-to sugar fix. And speaking of peeps, who doesn’t love a peeps-themed card! Take a peep….errr, peak

{image via Shop Madz}Byte Size Pixels Peep CardByte Size PixelsJulie Yegen Peep CardJulie YegenType Case Industries Peep CardTypecase Industrieslicorice whip shop peep cardLicorice Whip
The Memorable Image Peep CardsThe Memorable Image Peep CardThe Memorable Image

Neatly Noted Package

I’m all about products with a purpose, which is why I was first drawn to Ariel Nathan’s “Neatly Noted” line. For the uninitiated, Neatly Noted is a brand described as being made for “Life’s chicest go-getters.” Ariel’s line focuses on desk accessories and home goods that help to organize your day-to-day needs in a positive way. I recently had the opportunity to connect with Ariel, who is based out of Connecticut. Ariel couldn’t have been sweeter and I am lucky to call her a new friend. I’m so proud to have a great network of other entrepreneurial women across the country, including Ariel and Neatly Noted.

P.S. Neatly Noted is giving all 8Balloons readers 25% off purchases when you use the promo code: JULIE25

Q: What made you decide to start Neatly Noted?

A: I started Neatly Noted with the intention of designing a collection of matching, simple and functional tools to help you be the most productive and passionate person possible. Each product was created to help organize your day-day-to-day in the most positive way, leaving more time for you to chase your dreams and dance in the rain! I love seeing people inspired to work hard and I hope these desk accessories will help motivate people to work on their big picture dreams in day-to-day life.Neatly Noted Tumbler

Q: How do you stay personally stay organized? Are you a pen and paper or a digital kinda gal?

A: I use a good combination of both paper and digital for keeping my daily routine organized. I find that most ideas, thoughts, brainstorming happens on paper, and most schedule making, planning and prioritizing happens via technology.

Neatly Noted Note Pad

Q: You’re the queen of desk accessories, what does your own creative space look like?

A: I am inspired by the things around me. My work space is jam packed with photos of friends, family and memories. I also keep a drawer of pencils – I love, love, love pencils! – they are probably my favorite desk accessory. I also have an abundance of note pads, I can’t remember the last time I actually filled one – I just grab whatever is closest and start writing!Neatly Noted Pencils

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