Cheers-peacock-green_grandeGratitude is always in style, and so are thank you cards. Taking the time to pen a note of thanks is a way of going the extra mile to show your appreciation. Here is a round up of some seriously fantastic cards, perfect for thanking a great host, thoughtful friend, or family member…and just about anyone else who ought know how grateful you are for their kindness.
Scotch & Cream feature super stylish mid-century modern designs. Designer, illustrator, and hand-letterer, Robin, creates stationery and prints with a retro aesthetic. Robin’s color palette and designs are simply perfection (look at that lettering!).


Of Note Stationers are purveyors of classy (and classic) letterpress stationery featuring text-based designs, printed on cotton paper that is luxurious to touch. Boston-based Isabel and Kate are the duo behind Of Note. Their designs are thoughtful and reflect their love of stationery and snail mail.

Of Note_thank you so very much

Of Note_kindness

Based in New York City, Paula & Waffle is a fun and whimsical stationery line designed by Paula Cheng-Mehta (Waffle is Paula’s oh-so-cute pup). Paula’s cards feature sweet illustrations and patterns along with hand-lettering.



Sometimes a friend deserves a trophy for being the best ever. Luckily, Tough Luck Co. has made a paper version.  Created by Toronto-based designer Sandi Falconer, Tough Luck features screen printed stationery, prints, tees and totes. Sandi’s style is unique, bold and super fun.



Here at 8 Balloons, we love snail mail and stationery. We know that a handwritten thought in a card can bring a smile. A well-crafted sentiment in a lovely card can provide encouragement and lift the spirits of the the recipient. We need your help to send a little love. With the holiday season just a few months away, we are starting Mail With Love, a project that will put cards in the hands of people who need them.

We are collecting greeting cards to send to  Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital. After discussing  the idea with the hospital, we knew this was a great way to spread love. They told us that hospitals are in need of  blank cards that are holiday themed, encouragement, just because, and sympathy cards. With patients and their families in the hospital over the holidays or during special occasions, cards can provided a much needed boost.

Greeting card designers, and avid snail mailers, we’d love to have any blank cards that you are able to donate to this cause. We’re happy to take seconds, or cards with mild imperfections to get this project off the ground.

If you’re interested, or want more information, please email julie[at]



Fall is in the air, and while the leaves will soon be changing colors, I’m still dreaming of blooming gardens and gorgeous bouquets of fresh flowers. Fall florals are a thing, right? Luckily, I can get my floral fix by way of some of my fave designers and their super pretty stationery.

I have been obsessed with Paper Raven Co.’s Insta account for the last several weeks. Georgia-based designer and illustrator Erin McManness, has created a gorgeous line of cards, prints and wrapping paper inspired by nature and filled with florals.

Let me gush for a moment about Our Heiday, created by designer Patricia Shen. Her collection has  a distinct look – Patricia’s unique painted script graces each of her stylish cards.

Amy Heitman is the artist and illustrator of her eponymous stationery line, which features a collection of seriously pretty cards. Florals feature heavily in Amy’s sweet illustrations. A portion of each sale goes towards supporting the INK Foundation, working globally to fight against human trafficking.

I was recently introduced to Clap Clap Design, and I am in love with designer Mimi Kim’s whole collection. To-die-for notebooks and cards that feature bold and contemporary designs.


Fall is my magical season and I am sure most of you can relate! It’s filled with colorful leaves, festive activities and decor, and it’s the beginning of holiday cheer.  People are in great spirits, enjoying crisper air and cozy sweaters.  I love my ‘just because’ fall themed cards and sending them to some of my favorites. These are the first batch of fave fall cards below!

Fitgerald Fall QuoteHartford PrintsHartford PrintsHennel Paper CoHennel Paper Co.Fox and WitFox and WitEveryday SummitEveryday SummitDevinly DesignDevinly Design


I was recently introduced to The Confetti Bar at this year’s National Stationery Show and it immediately made me feel happy. What is better than colorful confetti! From the packaging, to the shapes, and themes, it was all perfection. I just loved the idea of adding some confetti to everything from cards, parties, and home decor. As the founder of The Confetti Bar, Jessica Serra Huizenga says, “Confetti: it’s the cool way to party”, and I couldn’t agree more!

Confetti Bar

And check out their Random Acts of Confetti project! Help them spread smiles with #randomactsofconfetti by leaving cute little packets anywhere someone could stumble upon.

Random Act of Confetti


One of the best things in life is spending time with gal pals – nothing beats gabbing with your closest friends over brunch or lattes, or just about anywhere, really. I’m constantly grateful to the women in my life – from my mom to my nearest and dearest friends to my biz partner to the creative ladies that I collaborate with.  While I celebrate these people and relationships regularly, this month, there is all the more reason. September is International Women’s Friendship Month, an initiative of  Kappa Delta Sorority, created as a means of encouraging women to celebrate and support each other. Robin Carter of R&B Printery is hoping women will reach out to their friends by sending snail mail this month. I had a chance to ask Robin a few questions about why this month is important to her.

we go together_letterpress

What made you decide to encourage women to participate in Women’s Friendship Month via snail mail/correspondence? 

I’ve  been a supporter of International Women’s Friendship Month since before it was  a “month”.  Created as a single day back in 1999 by my sorority (Kappa Delta), it has grown into a full month of celebration and activities across the globe.  We live in a world where bickering among women makes the headlines and gets rewarded with reality TV shows, but I know firsthand the strength and power that comes from having smart and supportive girlfriends in your corner.  Why not take some time this month to really acknowledge and celebrate that?  My specific focus of encouraging other women to connect with women friends by something a simple as sending a handwritten note stems from my love of all things snail mail.  There is something special about putting pen to paper and writing out a heartfelt note of encouragement to a woman who has supported you, encouraged you, laughed with you or cried with you that lasts much longer than a text ever will.  It’s intentional.  It’s creating something to be cherished.

happy birthday letterpress

Have you penned any letters this month?  Tell us about one person you decided to reach out to.

Yes!  Not a week goes by that I’m not putting a stamp on a note of some sort.  But this month has been special because in addition to my usual birthday cards, get well soon cards, and the like, I’ve sent a few notes with the single purpose of sharing an encouraging word with a few girlfriends who have encouraged me over the years.  One in particular that I just put in the mailbox today was to a friend I have known since first grade.  Laura and I went to school together all the way through college  – where we were sorority sisters and roommates.  We’ve been through all of life’s ups and downs together and though we live in different states and rarely see each other more than once a year, there’s still that connection – that deep friendship – that exists regardless of years gone by.

thank you_letterpress

Complete the sentence:  Snail mail is…

Snail mail is a tangible connection in a world filled with virtual relationships.  It’s simple but oh so meaningful.  And it’s no longer commonplace to receive a handwritten note in the mail.  So I love that snail mail has become something that now gets attention above the inbox notification or the text message ring tone.  It lasts.  Snail mail is quite simply a luxury that we all have access to.

Stephanie and Katie of Tiny Gang Designs were sweet enough to let me pick my favorite six cards from their line and give it to one of my 8Balloons readers! I have always been a fan of their witty cards and fun illustrations, not to mention the ladies themselves. Check out my favorite six cards below and enter to win! All you have to do is follow these fun ladies on their Instagram and tag a person you would send a card to. The giveaway closes on Wednesday 7pm, good luck!

GiveawayHey YouI DonutLove is AleSuper RadYou Light UpYou're My Jam

PSL Dahlia Press Shop

Dahlia Press

I’m about to admit something that I haven’t said out loud before: I have never had a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I don’t know why. I like pumpkins, spice and lattes. Maybe this will be the fall that I try one and never turn back, converted to having a daily weekly fix of this beverage that people adore. With September upon us, and autumn days ahead, PSLs are gracing just about everything.

Lily and Val

Looking for something seasonal to decorate with? Lily & Val have you covered, with gorgeous prints, available in a variety of sizes and featuring Valerie McKeehan’s signature chalkboard hand-lettering. Want to send a card to say hi and celebrate all the great things about the season, you’ll love their selection of cards.

Lily and Val Fall faves

Lily & Val

If you’re a DIYer, who loves to stitch Wild Olive has a downloadable PSL pattern up on her site. It’s way cute!

Wild Olive Speaking of adorably cute, Trellis & Thyme offers up this ornament pattern along with other sweet seasonal designs.

Trellis and Thyme

Need your own PSL mug? Sweet Water Decor is the shop for you.



I am so impressed by and have admiration for my snail mailer friends. I have such a deep love for paper that probably goes back to my childhood when my uncle took me on paper shopping sprees. I’m more of an admirer of all things paper, because though I hate to admit it, I’m not the best at sending mail. I adore my snail mail friends, because their love for sending mail is apparent each time I receive an envelope. Cards are selected with thought and packaged beautifully, full of love. I may never be that crafty, but I definitely want to take a play from there book and add some flavor with some fun stamps. Here are just a few ideas I am thinking about.

Hartland Brooklyn StampHartland BrooklynPizza StampDazzleFrom Me To You StampUSPSGrace Kelly StampsDarling One
Love StampsDarling One


À La Carde is a gorgeous line of cards (and totes) designed by dynamic duo Hea-Mi Kim and Nova Megantara. Featuring fun foodie puns, each card is hand-painted and lettered, held in a kraft sleeve precisely cut so that a tiny portion of the watercolored design peeks out. Hold one of these cards in your hands and you’ll feel how much love and care has gone into each one.

We love your food puns! What made you decide to make food your focus?

Hea-Mi: This was  an intuitive decision for us. Both of us have always loved cooking, baking, eating (a given), and trying new places. Our friendship was built on food; so naturally we figured that this was the right path to take.

Nova: It’s safe to say that food has played a vital role throughout our friendship and we’ve always enjoyed a good pun, so why not combine the two! Plus, Hea-Mi is without a doubt one of my top three DFFs (Designated Foodie Friends).

What is your favorite food? Can you describe a memorable meal or a go to comfort food?

Hea-Mi: This is trickiest question of them all. I have to say nothing beats someone delivering sesame chicken at your door when you’re having a rough day. All hail Seamless.

Nova : Oh man, putting me on the spot here. My boyfriend makes these Coca Cola chicken wings (weird, right?) but they’re amazing and taste very homey to me.


Your envelopes are the most unique I have seen, with wonderful cut outs how did you think to compliment the cards with that?

Nova:  It was actually by chance that this idea came to be. We had a paper with a circle cut out placed over one of the watercolor sketches of the fig and saw the potential aesthetic appeal. I tested a few different shapes and cutouts with the proper sized sleeves to see how it’d look as a finished product.

Your cards are hand painted and lettered, made to order. What made you decide against mass production?

Hea-Mi: I don’t think we are necessarily against it, but for now, we want to focus on each customer receiving a one-of-a-kind item that feels unique and taken care of.

Nova: For the time being, we’d love to be as hands on as possible in the creation of each card from start to finish to ensure the best quality for our customers. Additionally, it is good practice for us to maintain our craftsmanship – Hea-Mi with her watercolor and me with my excessively OCD tendencies for finely cut lines.


How did you meet and decide to embark on A La Carde together? What does your collaborative creative process look like?

Hea-Mi: We met at school our freshmen year and bonded instantly over our shared love for cupcakes. Each holiday, we always gave one another handcrafted greeting cards and admired each other’s skill sets. We attended an Etsy craft fair two years back and were immediately inspired by other sellers and makers turning their hobbies into full time careers.

Our creative process is synchronized yet separated. We’re still  students so our schedule is not very consistent, but we make it work. I sketch and then make a digital mock up with the measurements and placements of all the components. I then measure it out on watercolor paper and paint the illustrations alongside the lettering done in ink. After they’re dry, I hand them to Nova to cut and coordinate the envelopes. We then do some finishing touches, et voilà!

Nova: We bonded over Sprinkles Cupcakes because she hadn’t tried them at the time, and being from California, I’m a fan of them so I bought her some to try. Fast forward to 2013, we talked about having an Etsy shop and finally acted upon it May of 2015.

Over the summer, we had the luxury of meeting and working consistently alongside each other daily. However, with fall semester starting, we have to put in extra effort to juggle school and À La Carde.

Continuing from Hea-Mi’s process, my main objective is to find the right style to highlight the artwork. My previous method, tedious as it may be, was to align and measure each card and envelope to get the cutouts right. However, as we eased into the groove and measurements became more precise and consistent, the same mockup process is done digitally. The result? Our sleeves are ready for as many prints needed with cutting guides provided. Tada, an À La Carde is done.


Your watercolors are so lovely – do you have an art school background? Tell me why a greeting card line appealed to you.

Hea-Mi: Thank you so much! I am currently majoring in Fine Arts at Parsons The New School for Design. During this day and age (especially in our age group), I think it’s rare to receive a handwritten note. Typing is conveniently at our fingertips, and handwritten cards aren’t as vital anymore. I cherish every card I receive and hope through ours, others celebrate personal handwritten notes that feel intimate and special.


What does your creative space look like? 

Nova : For the past few months, we’ve mostly been working at my studio apartment or at our school since it’s within walking distance. I have a big chalkboard table that fits both of us comfortably and occasionally makes a feature in our posts. In case anyone’s wondering, that’s our “office dog”, Sausage the Pug.


Your totes are totes awesome! Do you have any other products in mind?

Hea-Mi: Ideally we will have prints, mugs, tea towels, and other small knick knacks. We are currently working on our prints to be launched in the fall!

Nova: We have received helpful suggestions from our family and peers on ways to expand in terms of our product range. Some of our followers are quite persistent and supportive about us expanding to shirts – it’s so exciting what’s ahead of us!

When you are in need of a little creative inspiration, what do you do?

Hea-Mi: Not the most compelling answer, but usually the thesaurus or Rhyme Zone.

Nova: Looking at other people’s Behance portfolios gives me a surge of inspiration and drive to just make, make, make!